Sunrise Ocean Bender (1st, 3rd)/ Altered Circuitry: ReWired (2nd,4th) / Various (5th)

I Got A Pinhole Leading To My Brain

rev. dr. atavist

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Hösthypomani Centralstödet Hjärndimma Sky Lantern 2016
Dire Wolves Fuck the Pipeline Standing With Standing Rock Sky Lantern 2016
Flowers Must Die Varför Sista Valsen Rocket Recordings 2016
Caudal Piqued Let's All Take the Yellow Pills Caudal 2016
Electric Orange Misophonia I Misophonia Electric Orange 2016
Shooting Guns Deepest Purple Spectral Laundromat Cardinal Fuzz / Captcha 2016
It's Not Night: It's Space Starry Wisdom Our Birth Is But A Sleep & A Forgetting Small Stone 2016
Dreamtime Improvisation (Live) Standing With Standing Rock Sky Lantern 2016
Morgan Delt Mssr. Monster Phase Zero Sub Pop 2016
The Moles Pan, God of the Night And Now It's Time to Say Goodbye Again The Moles 2014
three dimensional tanx Astral Plane Flight Attendant Attack three dimensional tanx 2016
Psychic Lemon Dilator Psychic Lemon Drone Rock Records 2016
Herbcraft Palisades Standing With Standing Rock Sky Lantern 2016
Skyjelly Seamagnet Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard Doom Trip 2016
E GONE Build Your Camp out of Alpine Moss Advice to Hill Walkers Deep Water Acres / Sunrise Ocean Bender 2016

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