Sunrise Ocean Bender (1st, 3rd)/ Happy House (2nd,4th)/Altered Circuitry: ReWired (5th)

Out of Time, Out of Place

rev. dr. atavist

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
E GONE Record the Humming of Melodious Caves Advice to Hill Walkers Deep Water Acres/Sunrise Ocean Bender 2016
E GONE Build Your Camp Out of Alpine Moss Advice to Hill Walkers Deep Water Acres/Sunrise Ocean Bender 2016
Sagas Isabella Five Furnaces Biological Radio 2016
Rob Byrd Deserted Town Square Aurora Season Rob Byrd 2016
Stereocilia Sustain/Release The Road to the Unconscious Past Stereocilia 2016
Paw Paw Moving Mountains Moving Mountains Fire Talk 2014
The Left Outsides Out of Time, Out of Place The Shape of Things to Come The Left Outsides 2013
Cool Ghouls Sundial Animal Races Empty Cellar 2016
The Wrong Society Don't Know Why Dark Clouds single 13 O'Clock Records 2016
The Beginner's Mynd Singing Man Singing Man single Hidden Volume Records 2016
Vibravoid Rheinflow II Wake Up Before You Die Stoned Karma 2016
The Orange Drop Make It Her, Forever Stoned in Love Mega Dodo 2016
Baby Woodrose Termination Freedom Bad Afro Records 2016
Made in Sweden Love Samba Made in England Esoteric Recordings 1970
Burnin' Red Ivanhoe Ivanhoe in the Woods Canal Trip Esoteric Recordings 1969
Nynningen Vilddjurens Sång För Full Hals MNW 1973
Claudio Gabis Mas Alla Del Valle Del Tiempo Claudio Gabis Y La Pesada Sony 1973
Vox Dei Moises La Biblia Grafisound 1971

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