Friday Clock Out

I AM WRONG, I guess

Phil D

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Half Chimp Trad
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Night of the Lotus Eaters Dig Lazerus Dig
Hey Colossus Hop the Railings Radio Static High
Bjork Army of Me Post
Duchess Says Negative Science Nouvelles
Polysics Shizuka is a machine doctor Karate House
Gum takes tooth White Fear Mirrors Fold
Toadstool Rain Jam The Sun Highway
Ape has Killed Ape Archeology acid reflux
Carol Leigh & Hank Mindlin INquire within enjoy the experience
Enablers Patton Blown Realms Stalled Explosions
The Daily Void The Devils Gold Window the daily void
Harvey Milk Down Pleaser
MOnotrona You know it Hawkeye and Firebird
White HIlls Eye to Eye Abstractions & Mutations
Nomeansno I am Wrong Wrong
Jucifer Narcissist District of Distopia
Yo La Tengo Watch Out for Me Ronnie I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
White Hassle Futura Trance Life Is Still Sweet
Silkworm Cannibal Cannibal Firewater
Whale Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe We Care
Superchunk Detroit Has A Skyline Too Here's Where the Strings Come In
Violent Femmes Heartache The Blind Leading the Naked
Breeders Doe Pod
Tristesse Contmporie Let's Go single
Titus Turner Do you dig
GrupoOz Oz Machine Secret Stash
Curtis Mayfield Dont Worry if theres a hell we're all going to it
Natural Bridge Bunch Pig Snoots
Boxcar Satan Dead Mile Crooked Mile March

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