Friday Clock Out

Let’s get on the Road and Go!

Phil D

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
spoozys highway hipnosis astral astronauts
Mummy the Peepshow jenny is feeling bad
The Molice Ms. PANIC Doctor Ray
Marianne Nowottny Mr. So and So What is she doing??
Boris the Sprinkler I dont wanna go to taco bell without you gay
Steel Tigers of Death! Indigo Shift S.t.
The Chinese Stars Rabbit Face Heaven on Speed Dial
Miracle Chosuke Gonk
7000 Dying Rats Jock-O-Rama In Dub We Trust
Jacqueline Taieb 7H du Soir
Tom Jones If I only knew
Ultra Bide Kill me Tender God is God, Puke is Puke
French Toast Protest Sign Ingleside Terrace
The Space Lady Across the Universe split with Burnt Ones
Tomorrow Revolution Get me Home for Tea comp
Get in the Car Eschaton EP 2016
Here come the Bombs Ima Robot s.t.
Nomeansno 0+2=1 0+2=1
Dance Disaster Movement I want your Sass We are from Nowhere
Kluster electric music und texte Klopfzeichen
Heldon Side 2 Live in Paris 1976

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