Banji Kaicho presents:

​2 hours of Japanese bass music, j-core, Japanese footwork, kawaii bass, 160 jungle, and breakcore

Guest mixed and hosted by Tommy 2600 of Club Unity

    Banji Kaicho    October 9th, 2023

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Panoramic/Journey Through the Crates presents:

Featuring Special Guest DJ Mordecai

2 hours of hard rockin’ 70s rock joints featuring some killer riffs and smacking drums.  Hip Hop heads will hear more than a few familiar bits.  All spun live from the station on big n’ little vinyl

    Panoramic/Journey Through the Crates    September 2nd, 2023

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Finding Sounds presents:

This episode of FINDING SOUNDS is with collaborator and great friend of mine, FALSE PRPHT. We are both in a project called PRISON RELIGION, and have been friends for many years. They are a great musician/vocalist, specializing in collaborative modes of making, and also making visual and other types of work, to say the least. FALSE PRPHT mixed the first hour, with mostly Miami Bass/Club music, which has been of current interest to them, adorning the mix with self-recorded shout-outs from local Richmond angels (recorded at OSB). The second hour was a b2b between him and I, of mostly low-down club and ambient/experimental music. There are a few brand new tracks in there from artists all around the world. And of course there are some breaks thrown in there now and again.

Enjoy this slice of time, a moment of synaptic fusion, continuing his and I’s tradition of collaborative community node-building. Much love and thanks to FALSE PRPHT for guesting on this week’s episode of FINDING SOUNDS.

Thank you for listening<3

    Finding Sounds    May 23rd, 2023

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Finding Sounds presents:

L Salicis is a good friend of mine, hailing from Tidewater region of Virginia, we met via serendipitous email during COVID. They were reaching out to send music to my label formforum. Since then they have moved to Richmond and has become an integral part of the experimental/underground electronic music scene in the city. They book shows and are planning a full-length to coming out before summer’s end. Thank you so much to L Salicis <3

First hour is a mix from L Salicis, second hour is a mix from me, deskulling 🙂

Much love! Thank you for listening

    Finding Sounds    April 25th, 2023

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FREQUENCY presents:


Breaks, Breaks & More Breaks from RVA’s jOANNA O. Mixed proper on technics y’all.

Tune in. #Boom 


    FREQUENCY    March 13th, 2021

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FREQUENCY presents:

On tonight’s Frequency, Joanna O. continues to take us on a journey through her breaks record collection from 1998 – 2005. Tonight’s show is featuring tunes by Aquasky vs Masterblaster, Lee Coombs, Plump DJ’s, and some of DJ Icey’s lesser known Zone Recordings releases. Grab your dancing shoes and prepare to get down proper for 2 hours!


    FREQUENCY    March 6th, 2021

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FREQUENCY presents:


What We’re Gonna Do Right Here is go back … WAY BACK!  JOANNA O. in mixing it up on FREQUENCY tonight for 2 hours with some sick Azz breakbeat selections on vinyl.

Featuring tracks from Uberzone, DJ ICEE, Friction & Spice, Stanton Warriors, Baby Anne, 2 Bad Mice, General Midi & more (seriously! right?).

Have your own dance party tonight. Buckle up. It’s going to go down on your FM dial y’all. Track list to follow.

    FREQUENCY    February 27th, 2021

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FREQUENCY presents:

Breaks, Breaks & more breaks!

Florida style & the UK from the 1990’s to the early 2000’s. Buckle up for two hours of breaks classics. No Apologies for that vinyl crackle..some of these records have traveled many places over the last 30 years.

This set features tracks from artists like: DJ Icey, Brad Smith, DJ Fixx, Huda hudia, Friction & Spice, Paul Van Dyke, BT, Keith Mackenzie & more. Featuring music from labels: Cosmic Records, Freakin Music, Botchit Breaks, Zone, En:vision & more.

Mixed by JOANNA O. on two technic 1200’s and a Pioneer 900 mixer. #rockingthejoint 

    FREQUENCY    February 6th, 2021

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FREQUENCY presents:

House, Breaks & Classic dance music tracks mixed by Turnstyle’ s JESSE SPLIT.

Keep it locked for the next two hours & Get your Saturday night kicked off most proper. #BEATSFORYOURFEET



    FREQUENCY    January 30th, 2021

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