Altered Circuitry

Altered Circuitry 9/07/16


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Rick Ulfik Kevin & Wendy Theme Street Trash
UNKLE UNKLE Main Title Theme Psyence Fiction
Portishead Strangers Dummy
Luke Vibert and BJ Cole Fly Hawaii Stop The Panic
Pendulum Out Here Hold Your Colour
Tipper Higgins Shatter Box EP
Digeridoo Aphex Twin Classics
Shatter Box VIP Tipper Dusty Bubble Box EP
Utero ZZZAAA Election Buster Japanese Electro Punk Brutality
Vex'd Thunder Degenerate
Amon Tobin Surge (Two Fingers Remix) Surge EP
Systm Laser Movement Invader EP
Mr. Oizo Dry Run The Church
Necro Deathmort First Rays The Capsule
Limewax One Of Them (Current Valve Remix) The Remixes EP
VHS Head Movies That Never Were Trademark Ribbons of Gold
Boards of Canada Alpha and Omega Geogaddi
Amon Tobin Proper Hoodidge Out From Out Where
Radiohead Like Spinning Plates Amnesiac
Autechre Treale Oversteps
The Overload Vermillion Sands The Overload
VHS Head Siege Express Midnight Section
Blockhead Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer The Music Scene
Dan Terminus Solar Maxima Stratospheric Cannon Symphony
Solar Fields In Motion Random Friday

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