Tuesday Breakfast Blend presents:

​Had to do some different stuff this week. Let’s travel the world today with Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Ska and World. Love you, hate summer. – DJ Rasputina

alanemiles’s playlist:

    Tuesday Breakfast Blend    August 9th, 2022

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Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead) presents:

I’ve got a few new morsels of new music for your starving ears during tonight’s show! New music from The Barbarellatones, Dry Cleaning, Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel, Danny Blu, Black Plastic, and GoMa!
All this and more tasty, audible treats including your requests!

    Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)    April 6th, 2021

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Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead) presents:

There’s another show that is most likely cancelled due to the pandemic, but everything online indicates it’s still happening…don’t believe everything you read! That said, tonight’s show starts off with music from Synthetic Division and Ships In The Night who would be playing here in Richmond on Friday at the Broadberry!

Along with that, we’ll hear new music from a place both wonderful and strange, Dawn Of Ashes, YV SALOME, Mark Seelig, Versari, and Polly Fae!

All this fantastic stuff and tons more stuff including your requests!


upcoming shows:

Synthetic Division w/Ships In The Night on May 22nd @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA——-MOST LIKELY CANCELLED!
Negativland on July 13th @ Union Stage, Washington, D.C.
The Final Sound on July 19th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Rammstein on August 27th @ FedEx Field, Washington, D.C.
The Birthday Massacre w/Julien-K on September 22nd @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA
ADULT. w/Body Of Light on October 13th @ The Camel, Richmond, VA
Lords Of Acid on February 8th @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
Power Glove w/Immortal Guardian on April 12th @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA

    Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)    May 19th, 2020

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Hazard Signals presents:


tiny tugboats

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    Hazard Signals    July 23rd, 2018

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The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit / Time Again Radio Show presents:

Zak Vincent of Time Again Radio Show Covering for the Haberdasher tonight as we dive into a slight exploration of the great continent of Africa. There’s decades of rich music to be found in these rhythms and songs, so this show can serve little more than a primer for anyone who ends up interested. I do hope it inspires any and all to look into the music outside of our borders, the importance and reward of doing so cannot be overstated. Enjoy, enjoy , enjoy

    The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit / Time Again Radio Show    May 14th, 2018

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Tuesday Breakfast Blend presents:

New DJ in the mix this morning, playing a variety of female powered world music to wake you up!


Playlist below!

    Tuesday Breakfast Blend    August 30th, 2016

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If Music Could Talk presents:

No playlists available.

Hi folks! Galaxy Girl here, filling in for DJ Carlito this week on If Music Could Talk. I’ve compiled some of my favorite international artists, vintage hip-hop tunes, remixes, and more to give you 2 hours that I hope you’ll enjoy.  And I will do my best to pronounce the words correctly, but I make no guarantees. You can check the playlist to see the words instead: http://www.wrir.org/playlists/galaxygirl-if-mu…ctly-2016-may-29/ 🙂

Ana Tijoux - 1977

Ana Tijoux – 1977


    If Music Could Talk    May 29th, 2016

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