Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead) presents:

There’s another show that is most likely cancelled due to the pandemic, but everything online indicates it’s still happening…don’t believe everything you read! That said, tonight’s show starts off with music from Synthetic Division and Ships In The Night who would be playing here in Richmond on Friday at the Broadberry!

Along with that, we’ll hear new music from a place both wonderful and strange, Dawn Of Ashes, YV SALOME, Mark Seelig, Versari, and Polly Fae!

All this fantastic stuff and tons more stuff including your requests!


upcoming shows:

Synthetic Division w/Ships In The Night on May 22nd @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA——-MOST LIKELY CANCELLED!
Negativland on July 13th @ Union Stage, Washington, D.C.
The Final Sound on July 19th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Rammstein on August 27th @ FedEx Field, Washington, D.C.
The Birthday Massacre w/Julien-K on September 22nd @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA
ADULT. w/Body Of Light on October 13th @ The Camel, Richmond, VA
Lords Of Acid on February 8th @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
Power Glove w/Immortal Guardian on April 12th @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA

110 May 19th, 2020

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Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead) presents:

we’ll be covering a lot of ground tonight…about a month’s worth of cool shows coming to Richmond and the surrounding cities (such as the Cyanotic show happening on Tuesday, August 14th, which I plan to be attending!)! i’ll be playing you tunes from most of these bands!

also on tonight’s show, new music from Panic Lift, Helix, Psyclon Nine, One-Eyed Doll, and new/old music from Ego Likeness!

all this greatness and more along with your sweet requests!

Vaxsination:  i’ll be djing at Fallout here in Richmond on August 8th!  if you like the Dog Germs music, then you will like the Vaxsination music!  hope to see you all out there dancing!

upcoming shows:

Precious Child w/Aesthetic Barrier on August 1st @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Hante, Kontravoid, Technophobia, Remote/Control, Radiator Greys on August 3rd @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Crash Course In Science, Sally Dige, Void Vision, Twins, Funeral Lace on August 4th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Abbey Death w/U.S. on August 7th @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
The Alarm on August 9th @ The Tin Pan, Richmond, VA
The Brickbats, Ships In The Night, Please Don’t Tell on August 10th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
The Fixx on August 11th @ The Tin Pan, Richmond, VA
Cyanotic, KANGA, Amelia Arsenic, For All The Emptiness on August 14th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
NUR BLACK on August 21st @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Programmable Animal, Severed Skies, Ceremony on August 23rd @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Wax Idols, Shadow Age, Serqet, Pain In The Yeahs on September 4th @ Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
Panic Lift, FIRES, Street Fever on September 6th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
<PIG> on September 13th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Chemlab, C-Tec, Hellbent on September 15th @ State Theater, Washington, D.C.
Gary Numan w/Nightmare Air on September 21st @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
Eliza Juno w/Severed Skies on September 23rd @ Triangle, Williamsburg, VA
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, w/W on September 24th @ Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
Electric Six w/Jeremy & The Harlequins on October 3rd @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Simple Minds on October 6th @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
Nine Inch Nails, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Kite Base on October 9th @ The Anthem, Washington, D.C.
Public Image Ltd. on October 12th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Dance With The Dead w/Daniel Deluxe on October 18th @ The Camel, Richmond, VA
The Damned, Radkey, The Darts on October 20th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds w/Cigarettes After Sex on October 25th @ The Anthem, Washington, D.C.
The Crystal Method on October 27th @ Shaka’s Live, Virginia Beach, VA
NUR BLACK w/The Cemetery Boys on October 28th @ Triangle, Williamsburg, VA
Psychedelic Furs on November 3rd @ The Norva, Norfolk, VA
Pale Waves on November 9th @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
Doyle on November 11th @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA
Doyle w/The Wet Boys, Weneversleep, Glenrose on December 31st @ Shaka’s Live, Virginia Beach, VA
And One on March 19th @ Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern & Market, Washington, D.C.

110 July 31st, 2018

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