Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

dog germs 1/10/17 edition


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
skinny puppy dig it the singles collect nettwerk 1999
electric six the lover's pie fresh blood for tired vampyres metropolis 2016
circuito cerrado 8-bit bitch (centhron mix) matrix downloaded (006) alfa matrix 2016
kant kino real matrix downloaded (006) alfa matrix 2016
imjudas people of the blame (alfa edit) matrix downloaded (006) alfa matrix 2016
lexincrypt scar tissue (little sap dungeon remix) scar tissue crunch pod 2011
the stygian killing time (insurgent version) provocateur backscatter 2011
nexus vi indicator (remix by sin.thetic squad) the best of nexus vi: 2006-2012 'self released' 2012
obsidian fx arsenic (studio-x remix) illusions of darkness xperiment xiii 2014
spahn ranch dig it hymns of the warlock: a tribute to skinny puppy cleopatra 1998
massaith scammell massaith crl studios 2012
nico doreste here and nao/outerlude dreamscapes 'self released' 2016
pigface mercenary 6 full effect 2009
kmfdm bait & switch blitz metropolis 2009
psyclon nine thy serpent tongue we the fallen metropolis 2009
krell now you will die the dope album 'self released' 2000
iamx white suburb impressionism kiss + swallow metropolis 2008
kommunity fk she's ov mystery echoes (haunted vocal outro theme) thee image and thee myth crysella 2015
joy division a means to an end closer factory 1980
happy mondays god's cop pills 'n' thrills and bellyaches elektra 1990
replica mine your own dead earth three noble truths endless shadow 2014
billy idol mony mony (downtown mix) vital idol chrysalis 1987
pink floyd embryo works capitol 1983
citizen n.i. into the void into the void 'self released' 2016

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