Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

dog germs 5/31/16 edition


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
skinny puppy dig it dig it nettwerk 1986
god module secrets prophecy metropolis 2015
finite automata here won no one recurse beyond therapy 2013
machine chop inc. one desire (live) 'untitled' schlecht 2016
human vault believer by vile tears as the beggars exabyss 2015
:wumpscut: my leper kid wüterich metropolis 2016
:wumpscut: das bose rumburak dj dwarf 16 metropolis 2016
lords of acid voodoo u smoking hot metropolis 2016
victor love irrationality (feat. spiritual front) technomancy metropolis 2016
victor love bitchcraft (feat. kmfdm) (aesthetic perfection remix) bitchcraft (feat. kmfdm) metropolis 2016
lucidstatic divide (feat. iammynewt) last 'self released' 2016
velvet acid christ futile (toxic coma mix) greatest hits metropolis 2016
moving units hyatt girls damage with care metropolis 2016
thyx the pain of silence headless metropolis 2016
panic lift paper mask paper mask metropolis 2016
skold wake up and die the undoing metropolis 2016
3teeth sell your face sell your face artofact 2015
zeistencroix party animals stranger 'self released' 2014
16 volt burn beating dead horses metropolis 2011
1919 compulsion revenge crysella 2015
†loΛΣΓs† ebola baby †loΛΣΓs† everything is chemical 2014
ando laj 88 (22) ando laj everything is chemical 2015
skinny puppy pro-test the greater wrong of the right synthetic symphony 2004

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