Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

dog germs 8/2/16 edition


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
skinny puppy dig it the singles collect nettwerk 1999
aesthetic perfection tomorrow blood spills not far from the wound metropolis 2015
venal flesh kuang eleven sacrament to the scalpel alfa matrix 2015
little black rain clouds this time - 'self released' ?
black tape for a blue girl alaska limitless metropolis 2016
lovelesslust lowlife novelties the car crash that ended her life came as no surprise 'self released' 2016
uranium 235 god thing number of samples 'self released' 1996
16 volt a cloth like gauze letdowncrush metropolis 2012
vampyre anvil eclipse tetsuo cracknation/glitch mode 2016
zombie girl dead inside (aesthetische mix) killer queen alfa matrix 2015
uberbyte almighty & relentless exs crunch pod 2010
glue on smile devour ([makina] remix) [makinize] crl studios 2012
yaz only you upstairs at eric's sire 1982
worm is green these chemicals let's just love my midi everything is chemical 2014
xunholm a dreamless night dawning xunholm everything is chemical 2015
executive slacks i'm coming gothik cleopatra 1995
a rainy day in bergen it has left a rainy day in bergen afmusic 2012
type o negative the glorious liberation of the people's technocratic republic of vinnland by the combined forces of the united territories of europa/wolf moon (including zoanthropic paranoia) october rust roadrunner 1996
hoboknife cock of evil vagrants 'self released' 2015
acid tide ? acid tide 'self released' ?
black sabbath children of the grave master of reality warner bros. 1971
flat black tomato billie joe annie tomato head 'self released' 1996
motorhead devil i know kiss of death sanctuary 2006
ice cube who's the mack? amerikkka's most wanted priority 1990

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