Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

dog germs 1/17/17 best of 2016 edition


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
skinny puppy dig it the singles collect nettwerk 1999
david bowie sue (or in a season of crime) *(blackstar) columbia 2016
pig i'm so wrong the gospel metropolis 2016
skold chasing demons the undoing metropolis 2016
victor love the new system (feat. aborym) technomancy metropolis 2016
dawn of ashes tribe of chemosh theophany metropolis 2016
ego likeness inferno (donna the dead mix) the compass eps metropolis 2016
the birthday massacre queen of hearts imagica metropolis 2016
ghostfeeder juliet world fameless distortion productions 2016
front 242 take one (eisfabrik remix) detox static alfa matrix 2016
youth code commitment to complications commitment to complications dais 2016
elm kampftrinker hardline alfa matrix 2016
avarice in audio anthracite nights (altered by venal flesh) anthracite nights alfa matrix 2016
angelspit new devil cult of fake negative gain productions 2016
rotersand disagree capitalism tm metropolis 2016
velvet acid christ futile (toxic coma mix) greatest hits metropolis 2016
lords of acid nasty love smoking hot metropolis 2016
mesh the ride looking skyward metropolis 2016
the legendary pink dots d-train pages of aquarius metropolis 2016
cold in may let me go (acoustic version) let me go (acoustic version) skyqode 2016
the kvb white walls of desire metropolis 2016
golden apes grinding mills m^lvs afmusic 2016
penetration makes no sense resolution metropolis 2016
moving units going out damage with care metropolis 2016
desert mountain tribe enos in space either that or the moon metropolis 2016
electric six greener pastures fresh blood for tired vampyres metropolis 2016

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