Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

dog germs 5/3/16 edition


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
skinny puppy dig it the singles collect nettwerk 1999
hopeful machines the cold that comes like a hammer across hands the spring of the drowned girl 'self released' 2013
servitor sanctum 7 alito slavus the marriage of earth and iron octofoil 2010
rivetta law (groove cut) - 'self released' 2011
fractured fairytales blighted egregore secular 2014
the rain within long way home pain management 'self released' 2010
abbey death dirty confessional realignment 'self released' 2016
knuckles and guns agrippa - 'self released' ?
spider lilies mirror in the dark cyclogenesis 'self released' 2009
zombie girl panic attack (venal flesh mix) killer queen alfa matrix 2015
avarice in audio promises for sale apollo & dionysus alfa matrix 2016
psy'aviah not what i expected (feat. fallon nieves) seven sorrows, seven stars alfa matrix 2016
ayria barren (acapella version) paper dolls alfa matrix 2016
mildreda this time coward philosophy alfa matrix 2016
elm kampftrinker hardline alfa matrix 2016
llumen cold in december cold in december alfa matrix 2016
entrzelle power play total progressive collapse alfa matrix 2016
helalyn flowers frozen star sonic foundation alfa matrix 2016
junksista rage (kant kino disco mix) american love story alfa matrix 2016
human error hopeless utopia (dyskhord remix) the dna is doa crl studios 2012
invisible devastation i am bastard id synthematik 2012
pandora's black book second coat born into death connexion bizarre 2011
suneater throes throes 'self released' 2016

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