Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

dog germs 5/24/16 edition


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
skinny puppy dig it the singles collect nettwerk 1999
first aid 4 souls trashcathedral trashcathedral exabyss 2016
angelspit eat volts cult of fake negative gain productions 2016
cloud roots look @me stoponmisation crl studios 2012
xy beautiful skies so wide pristine 'self released' 2012
diskonnekted yesteryears (radio existence) yesteryears: radio existence alfa matrix 2013
information society walking away information society tommy boy 1988
david diebold & kim cataluna white rabbit white rabbit megatone house 1990
cherrie blue psycho bitch sister chemical messiah sleazebox 2002
bomb gang girlz alcoholik boyfriend a taste 4 trouble sleazebox 2012
waiting in vain awake again (trensity remix) awake again afmusic 2011
die krupps worst case scenario rings of steel cleopatra 1995
emigrate this is what emigrate motor music 2007
godflesh i wasn't born to follow pure earache 1992
heretics in the lab slipped suture sacrifice 2013
bella morte skin before the flood metropolis 2011
les modules etranges drives (feat. crimson muddle) socially awkward liberate tute me ex inferis 2012
veil of thorns wailing in glass necrofuturist inner-x-musick 2010
faithlightspeed ? faithlightspeed 'self released' 2008
tomahawk red fox anonymous ipecac 2007
3rd bass flippin off the wall like lucy ball the cactus album def jam 1989
willie nelson help me make it through the night classic willie bmg 2000
unknown hinson the poem 21 chart toppers 'self released' 2005
johnny blackthorn burning rosary resurrection by degrees soul rebel 2004
phranc noguchi folksinger rhino 1985
corey hart jenny fey first offense emi manhattan 1983

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