Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Devo Freedom of Choice (theme)
Sun Ra & the Funkadelics We Travel the Spaceways
Elvis Presley I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Glenn Spaulding Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
Rodd Keith Danny's Return
T Valentine Black Power Part 2
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth Know My Name of Blood
The George W Bush Singers Deep Thoughts Part 1
Hawkwind 7 x 7
Sciltian Adams The Flavor of Solitude
David Hasselhoff How Deep is Your Love?
Roxie & Rick Part 1
Soulja Boy Booty Got Swag (Donk Pt 2)
The Shirelles Soldier Boy
Steve Martin Creativity in Action/I'm in the Mood for Love
Muddy Waters My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble)
Charles Clark Common Less Sense
Kentucky Fried Chicken Training Video Bacteria
Alice Cooper Black Juju
Richard Groove Holmes Theme from the Six Million Dollar Man
Orion w/Charlie Rich On My Knees
Charlie Rich On My Knees
True Love Always Peel Away
The George Garabedian Players w/the Awful Trumpet of Harry Pot Born Free
Rocky Horror PIcture Show Sweet Transvestite
Donnie & Joe Emerson Big Money
Hee Haw That's Good
WASP The Real Me
Scott Walker The Amorous Humphrey Plugg

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