Little Green Apples


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Devo Freedom of Choice (theme)
Dean Milan Do it Like a Dog
Robert Drasnin Warm Night Wind
Coyle & Sharpe 12 Sandor 21
Hound Dog Taylor Phillips Goes Bananas
BJ Thomas Little Green Apples
Marcy Tigner Thank You Lord
Mr Lynn Carter She's a He (part one)
Jack Trombey Suppression
Blue Cheer Gypsy Ball
Leon Bridges Smooth Sailin'
How to CB 10 Codes
Alice Cooper Devil's Food
Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods Billy Don't be a Hero
101 Strings Orchestra Love at First Sight
Merigail Moreland The Song from
Kentucky Fried Chicken Training Star System
Tiny Tim Save Your Sorrows for Tomorrow
The Specialists If You're Going to San Francisco
Jumpin' Joe Williams Hey! Bartender Get that Man a Drink
Ken Nordine Infinite O'Clock
Jonathan Winters Do You Have Your PTL Card?
Fernando Lamas Alfred & Dorothy
Roger Ruskin Spear Doctor Rock
Monty Python Brian Song
Vanilla Ice Juice to Get Loose Boy
The Velvet Underground Temptation Inside Your Heart
Unknown Artist Tape to Grandma

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