Activate! July 7th-14th


July 8th РThe Broadberry РNO  BS Brass Band w/ Clair Morgan

July 8th – Gallery 5 – Venus Guytrap, Pete Curry, Recluse Raccoon and Shagwuf

July 9th – Hardywood – Bad Grrrl Records Showcase – The Wimps, Bad Magic, Cavum, Headless Mantis, Atta Girl

July 10th – The Camel – Palominos (Reunion), Party of One and Josh Small

July 10th – Bandito’s – Valley Slander and Fat Spirit

July 14th – Strange Matter – Comrades, Withered Bones, Vagabonds

July 11th – Strange Matter – Nuke, Sauron, Battlemaster

July 15th – Hardywood – The Ar-Kaics, Lady God, Best Behavior, Today Junior, Bummers Eve

July 14th – Strange Matter – Pale Dian, Stargazer Lilies, Karacell, Dazeases

July 12th – Strange Matter – Direct Hit!, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Problem Daughter and Smoke Break

July 7th – Cary St. Cafe – The Folly, Pete Curry

July 7th – The Broadberry – Big Mama Shakes, Manatree, Basement Club, Bencoolen

WRIR and The Commonwealth of Notions Presents: Volume Six Highlight Reel
Friday July 22nd – Gallery 5 – Imaginary Sons, Clair Morgan, Nelly Kate, Antiphons, The Wimps
Saturday July 23rd – Strange Matter – Shy, Low, The Veins, Dadmobile, Naked Pictures, Smoke Break, Recluse Raccoon, Get In The Car, K.A. Peders

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
NO BS Brass Band Brass Knuckles Brass Knuckles DIY 2015
Clair Morgan Rogue Island New Lions and the Not Good Night Egghunt Records 2016
Venus Guytrap Human Spine Library Live on WRIR WRIR 2016
Pete Curry Nobody's Home Doin' Nothin' Crystal Pistol 2016
The Wimps Broken Folks The Wimps Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Bad Magic Punx Not Dead (But I Heard You Were) KORITFW Bad Grrrl Records 2013
Atta Girl Eva Hesse F*** The Sun Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Headless Mantis Shaky Hands Gross Stuff Bad Grrrl Records 2015
Palominos Brother Bill Egos DIY 2009
Josh Small Everyone's Daughter Juke Suburban Home 2011
Prabir & The Substitutes Five Little Pieces Five Little Pieces DIY 2008
Fat Spirit Slip Inside Me Super King Bad Grrrl Records 2014
Comrades Weight The Refuge DIY 2013
Battlemaster Power Word: Kill Warthirsting & Winterbound DIY 2007
The Ar-Kaics That's Not Fair The Ar-Kaics 2015
Lady God More Bang For Your Buck Lady God #2 DIY 2015
Dazeases Too Much Small Talk Lame Parties EP DIY 2015
Smoke Break Triple A Everything Is Wrong Bad Note Records 2016
Pete Curry Little Ideas Advice On Love Crystal Pistol 2015
Manatree City Park Manatree Egghunt Records 2015
Big Mama Shakes Sinner's Hymn As She Does DIY 2015
The Veins Bootsy Billade The Veins DIY 2011
Naked Pictures Straight Out NUDES EP DIY 2016
Nelly Kate In Between Woodshedding DIY 2015
K.A. Peders My Friend's Noise Demos DIY 2007
Dadmobile Caring Ain't Cool Tape Release Time Castle 2016
Get In The Car Apartment Full of Flowers Get In The Car DIY 2016

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