Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – July 28th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
White Laces Skate or Die Trance Egghunt Records 2014
Venus Guytrap Cherry Valence Live on WRIR - River City Limits WRIR 2016
Night Idea Silver Understanding Breathing Cold Hand To Mouth 2016
The Diamond Center California California/Bells 7 Funny/Not Funny Records 2014
Young Adult Fiction Tandem Bike Paradise Birds DIY 2011
Greys If It's All The Same To You Outer Heaven Carpark Records 2016
Naked Pictures Like Candy NUDES EP DIY 2016
Amazing Ghost Nite Rite Blasts Off Electric Cowbell 2011
Hot Lava JPG In The Sun Lavalogy Bar None Records 2008
Sleepwalkers Cocaine Greenwood Shade Shoebox Treasure 2014
Lightfields Junior Junior DelGato Records 2014
David Shultz & The Skyline Natural Sinner's Gold Triple Stamp 2007
Mermaid Skeletons Palm Coast Darlings Triple Stamp 2008
Homemade Knives These Mice and These Flies and Ants Industrial Parks Triple Stamp 2005
Josh Small $5 In Hand Tall Suburban Home 2008
Avers Insects Omega, Whatever Egghunt Records 2016
Sports Bar Big Mac Yeah I Want To Waste Away With You DIY 2014
Pink Razors Do You Wanna Go To Maymont? (Coupleskate) Scene Suicide Robotic Empire 2005
Veery Summer Kids Veery EP Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Sundials Take You In My Coffee Never Settle Traffic Street 2011
Pink Razors Geometric Park Leave Alive No Idea Records 2008
Toxic Moxie Talking Hands VHS Box Set DIY 2015
Anousheh Run It Make Noise DIY 2015
James Wallace and the Naked Light To The River More Strange News From Another Star Dialog 2013
S U R V I V E A.H.B. A.H.B. Single Relapse 2016
The Snowy Owls Feels Like Summer Summer EP DIY 2013

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