Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – May 19th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Sleepwalkers Images Greenwood Shade Shoebox Treasure 2014
The Green Boys I Wanna Be Like You Oh Delia DIY 2013
Hot Dolphin Bodysnatcher Single Negative Fun 2014
Manatree Something Manatree Egghunt 2015
Way, Shape or Form A Subtle Misspelling Person, Place or Thing DIY 2013
Dumb Waiter Wet Brain Boy Audiotree Live Audiotree 2016
Night Idea Wild Breathing Cold Hand To Mouth 2016
Nelly Kate Unreceived Woodshedding DIY 2015
Dave Watkins Holy Mackerel!!! When No Else Is Here and Everyone Is Asleep Church Hill 2011
Lightfields Doubts Melodies DIY 2015
White Laces Sick of Summer White Laces Shdwply Records 2011
Toxic Moxie A Simulation VHS Box Set DIY 2015
Lady God More Bang For Your Buck Lady God #2 DIY 2015
Lobo Marino We Hear The Ocean, Lift Up The Mountain We Hear The Ocean Bad Friend Records 2015
The Snowy Owls So Near Within Yr Reach DIY 2013
The Trillions Dead Meat Superposition DIY 2015
Murphy's Kids I Still Miss You (Alex Levine) Departures DIY 2009
Sports Bar I Want To Waste Away With You I Want To Waste Away With You DIY 2014
Fat Spirit Nothing New Super King Bad Grrrl Records 2014
Josh Small Indiana Tall Suburban Home 2008
Antiphons Losing Teeth Demo DIY 2015
Navi Rainbow Pox Illuminavi DIY 2014
The Nervous Ticks Videodrome Videodrome EP DIY 2013
Christi Cry Christi DIY 2015

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