Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – July 14th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Avers Hangman Empty Light New West 2014
Toxic Moxie Take Yourself VHS Box Set DIY 2015
Imaginary Sons Sloburd Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil' Thing 2016
Nelly Kate All of the Spaces Woodshedding DIY 2015
Get In The Car Hypnic Jerk Get In The Car DIY 2016
Antiphons Losing Teeth Live on WRIR WRIR 2016
Smoke Break Triple A Everything Is Wrong Bad Note Records 2016
Sundials Stun Spore Kick EP Topshelf Records 2014
Clair Morgan New Company New Lions & The Not-Good Night Egghunt Records 2016
Naked Pictures I Don't Think I Need You NUDES EP DIY 2016
Shy, Low Times Gone By Hiraeth Spartan Records 2015
White Laces Trading Moves Speakertree 2012
The Wimps Foxhound The Wimps Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Recluse Raccoon What's With The Girl? Horse EP DIY 2015
Dadmobile 31 Haste Makes Waste Demp DIY 2016
K.A. Peders My Friend's Noise Sampler DIY 2006
The Veins Suzanne The Veins DIY 2011
Manatree Something Manatree Egghunt Records 2015
Hypercolor 100 Hands Resonate DIY 2014
Warren Hixson Baby Boogie Cruel Whims 2012
Tungs Want You Could Call This Art Bad Grrrl Records 2015
Josh Small Water Wings Juke Suburban Home 2011
Canary Oh Canary Sleep Sleep DIY 2012
Lobo Marino Fellow Worn Traveler We Hear The Ocean Bad Friend Records 2015

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