Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – December 8th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Greys Blown Out Outer Heaven Carpark 2016
Naked Pictures My Turn Wade The Water DIY 2016
Fucked Up Queen of Hearts David Comes To Life Matador 2011
Saw Black Rosie's Comin' Home Azalea Days Crystal Pistol Records 2017
Venus Guytrap Human Spine Library Live on WRIR - River City Limites WRIR 2016
Julien Baker Good News Sprained Ankle 6131 Records 2015
David Shultz Crazy Distances A Gentle Evening at the Virginia Moonwalker Virginia Moonwalker 2015
Lightfields Jerks Feelings DIY 2016
The Wimps Foxhound The Wimps Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Pete Curry Look All Around You/The One Night Logic Crystal Pistol 2016
Avers Omega/Whatever Omega/Whatever Egghunt Records 2016
Big Baby Still Hurt Live on WRIR - Time is Tight WRIR 2016
Alvvays Archie, Marry Me Alvvays Polyvinyl Records 2014
Young Scum Out Of State Live on WRIR WRIR 2016
Rocketship Let's Go Away A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness Slumberland 1995
The Trillions Dead Meat Superposition DIY 2015
Camp Howard She Doesn't Mind Camp Howard Crystal Pistol/Citrus City/Bad Grrrl Records 2016
LVL UP She Sustains Us Return To Love Sub Pop 2016
Mew She Spider Frangers Sony 2003
Liza Kate She's A Machine Don't Let The Dogs DIY 2009
My Darling Fury AOK Aches DIY 2016
Toxic Moxie Grand Illusion VHS Box Set DIY 2015
Mothers Too Small For Eyes When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired Grand Jury 2016

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