The Commonwealth of Notions – August 25th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Souvenir's Young America Blood Alone Does Not A Father Make An Ocean Without Water Crucial Blast 2007
Canary Oh Canary Last Night In Sunway Knolls Last Night In Sunway Knolls DIY 2011
The Diamond Center Monsters My Only Companion DIY 2009
Nelly Kate Hands Woodshedding DIY 2015
Negative Gemini You Never Knew Body Work 100% Electronica 2016
Lobo Marino Fellow Worn Traveler (Pine Grove Remix) We Hear The Ocean (Remixed) Bad Friend 2015
White Laces Parallel Chills Moves Speakertree 2012
The Snowy Owls Falling Within Yr Reach DIY 2012
Sungazer Offering II Another Face DIY 2015
Nic Perea No One's Watching Too Many Days Ahead DIY 2014
Homemade Knives Tiny Anchor No One Doubts The Darkness Triple Stamp Records 2006
Night Idea Past Lives Ocho The Cat DIY 2011
Way, Shape or Form Learning The Alphabet Trapezoid Campaign DIY 2009
Climbers House of Fame Everything Is On Purpose DIY 2012
Toxic Moxie Mothership VHS Box Set DIY 2015
Boas Grave Dreams Grave Dreams DIY 2011
Dead Fame My Body, My Fool Vicious Design DIY 2014
VCR Rad VCR Pop Faction 2003
Plain Scrap Spacejam Plain Scrap Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Venus Guytrap Human Spine Library Live on River City Limits WRIR 2016

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