Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – August 11th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
The Diamond Center WTT My Only Companion DIY 2009
The Snowy Owls So Near Within Yr Reach DIY 2013
Grass Panther Over The Underground Vignette DIY 2016
White Laces Crawl/Collapse Moves Speakertree 2012
The Garbers Thursday Shirt Garbers Entrance DIY 2011
Orioles Copper Wires Live at Ipanema RVA NEWS 2009
Amazing Ghost King Den's Long Desert Dream Song Blasts Off Electric Cowbell 2011
Bio Ritmo La Via Puerta Del Sur Vampisoul 2014
Peace Beast Wonder Single DIY 2016
The Bush League Mexico Can of Gas & A Match DIY 2013
Paul Ivey & The Rubes Casual Wayne 7 DIY 2013
Canary Oh Canary Lions Sleep DIY 2013
The Ar-Kaics Motorcycle Monica The Ar-Kaics WIndian Records 2014
Hot Dolphin Bodysnatcher Singles Club Negative Fun 2014
Malhombre Procession With Hat Slow Slow Death DIY 2011
Splork! Theme from Splork! Live on WRIR WRIR 2009
Roma Send My Love Ursa Minor DIY 2011
Everyone Dies In The End I Will Tell Tales Of Your Compassion All Things Lead To This 560186 Records 2014
Manzara When Pants Attack the hills are aLIVE AT SOUND OF MUSIC DIY 2015
The Catnip Dreams Lion Lamb Live on WRIR WRIR 2010
Lady God More Bang For Your Buck Lady God #2 DIY 2015
Tyrannosaurus Awesome Teenage Emotion Awesome Tyrannosaurus DIY 2011
Hot Lava JPG In The Sun Lavalogy Bar None 2009

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