Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – May 5th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Lobo Marino Golden Flea Kite Festival SOME 2012
Bio Ritmo Lola's Dilemma La Verdad Electric Cowbell 2011
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists Little Dawn Shake The Sheets Lookout Records 2004
The Snowy Owls Me and Mia Demo DIY 2015
Anousheh Hold You Make Noise DIY 2015
Liza Kate Anclote 7 Exotic Fever 2005
Alison Self The Idea Of You Live at The Listening Room DIY 2013
The Diamond Center Bones Crystals for the Brass Empire Egghunt Records 2015
The Low Branches Unfold Your Hands Like A Map Sinking Rising Church Hill Records 2011
The Pauses The Migration A Cautionary Tale New Granada 2011
Way, Shape or Form Learning The Alphabet Trapezoid Campaign DIY 2009
Glass Twin Anthem Anthem DIY 2016
White Laces Impossible Windows Moves Speakertree 2011
Pete Curry Little Ideas Advice On Love Crystal Pistol 2015
California Death I Am Trying To Become Visible California Death DIY 2015
Lady God East vs. West vs. Future Lady God #2 DIY 2015
Sports Bar I Want To Waste Away With You I Want To Waste Away With You DIY 2014
Venus Guytrap Cherry Valence Live on WRIR - River City Limits WRIR 2016
Bully Trash Feels Like Columbia 2015
Asylum Legions Asylum Grave Mistake Records 2014
Lucy Dacus Troublemaker Doppelganger No Burden Egghunt Records 2016
Dazeases Too Much Small Talk Lame Parties EP DIY 2015
Photosynthesizers Crush Speakers in Black Holes DIY 2011
Sleepwalkers Cocaine Greenwood Shade Shoebox Treasure 2014
Positive No Georgia Purchase Agreement Via Florum Little Black Cloud 2013

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