Commonwealth of Notions

The Commonwealth of Notions – October 13th, 2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Venus Guytrap Cherry Valence Live on River City Limits WRIR 2016
Young Scum Out of State Zona Citrus City 2016
Camp Howard Heavy Blow Camp Howard Bad Grrrl/Crystal Pistol/Citrus City 2016
Smoke Break Freaked Out (Love Song) Everything Is Wrong Bad Note Records 2016
Veery Dry Veery Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Naked Pictures My Turn Wade The Water DIY 2016
Nametags Rob Demo DIY 2016
LVL UP The Closing Door Return to Love Sub Pop 2016
Car Seat Headrest Vincent Teens of Denial Matador 2016
White Laces Cheese No Floor Egghunt Records 2016
Avers All You Are Omega/Whatever Egghunt Records 2016
Pete Curry Here's Lookin At You Doin' Nothin' Crystal Pistol 2016
Doll Baby Softee Live on River City Limits WRIR 2015
Animal Collective Fireworks Strawberry Jam Domino Records 2007
Cold Toast Eternity Calendar Optic Mystic DIY 2011
Nelly Kate Judging Diamonds Woodshedding DIY 2016
Lady God Misbehavin' Live on Time Is Tight WRIR 2015
Warren Hixson Had You Right Away/Could Not Connect Live on Paul's Boutique WRIR 2013
Brent Delventhal & Nelly Kate My Secret Life Live on Commonwealth of Notions WRIR 2015
The Wimps Foxhound Live on Time is Tight WRIR 2015
Sea of Storms On The Way Home Swamp Fest Comp DIY 2016
My Darling Fury Aches Aches DIY 2016

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