Commonwealth of Notions

WRIR and The Commonwealth of Notions: Volume Six Spectacular! – July 21st!


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Naked Pictures Straight Out NUDES DIY 2016
Smoke Break Triple A Everything Is Wrong Bad Note Records 2016
Shy, Low Nostos Hiraeth Spartan Records 2015
Nelly Kate Unreceived Woodshedding DIY 2015
The Wimps Foxhound The Wimps Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Dadmobile Caring Ain't Cool Tape Release DIY 2016
Get In The Car Apartment Full of Flowers Get In The Car DIY 2016
The Veins Southern Corridor The Veins DIY 2011
Recluse Raccoon What's With The Girl? Horse EP DIY 2015
Imaginary Sons SloBurd Don't Impress Me Lil' Bossy Thing 2016
Avers Vampire Omega, Whatever Egghunt Records 2016
Sundials Stun Spore Kick EP Top Shelf Records 2014
Clair Morgan Amelia Graveheart New Lions and the Not-Good Night Egghunt Records 2016
Antiphons Tiny Rooms Live on Time Is Tight (WRIR) WRIR 2016
Naked Pictures I Don't Think I Need You NUDES DIY 2016
K.A. Peders My Friend's Noise Demo DIY 2006
Nelly Kate Minds + Corners Ish Ish DIY 2012
The Veins Suzanne The Veins DIY 2011
Dadmobile 31 Haste Makes Waste Demo DIY 2016
The Wimps Poor Alexander The Wimps Bad Grrrl Records 2016
Clair Morgan Shut Your Mountain Down No Notes Egghunt Records 2013
Canary Oh Canary Embrace Last Night In Sunway Knolls DIY 2011

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