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No Fools, No Fun

Hey Listeners,

I chuckled when I saw the name of a new release on shelves here at WRIR.  The title - No Fools, No Fun - reminded me of a bar in Ocracoke - the 3/4 Time Saloon and of the bumper sticker from that bar that was on the bumper of my '67 Lemans convertible for two decades.  I guess the bar, the island, and the convertible all remind me of summers past and of good times and good memories.  These memories have nothing to do with tonight's show - other than the fact I was in a really great mood this evening - hated to leave the swing on the front porch, but duty called.  I'll try to keep the good summery vibe going.  Enjoy!

The Haberdasher


Posted 7/28/14 at 9:56 pm by Scott Ilnicky | 0 comments

NOLA JAM in the house!

   Welcome to the Louisiana Dance Hall and thanks for tuning in!    Gotta great mix for you today, so settle on back and enjoy the journey .... on your feet, of course!  

   For a playlist, please click below ....  


Posted 7/28/14 at 8:08 pm by Bill Thomson | 0 comments

Anna G, in for Lee


Posted 7/28/14 at 5:56 pm by annagolden | 1 comments

Lost Music Saloon: July 28, 2014: 5-7:00 p.m.: SunSongs

Welcome to another edition of the Lost Music Saloon.  Today's show will flip last week's theme (songs about the Moon) and focus on songs about the Sun.  Songs about sunrises, sunsets and sunshine;  songs about the Sun in California, Texas, New York City, and Nashville; and songs about the Sun in the morning, the afternoon and the evening.


Click on 'read more' below to see the playlist.


Posted 7/28/14 at 2:48 pm by Garry Morse | 0 comments

Mondaze Morning Blend 43: Always

Getting married to the music this Monday Morning ~~ Tune in for a ceremonialy curated selection of girl-group hits and sweet cuts that will get your day started off like a bottle of champagne.


Posted 7/28/14 at 4:34 am by DJ Lylas | 0 comments

Can’t You Feel It?

Hobbes called me last week to ask about a Giorgio Moroder track he heard and so I brought that and some other similar sounding stuff along tonight.  Tune in for 2 hours of disco grooves!


Posted 7/28/14 at 12:02 am by sean | 0 comments

Back on the block reppin’ for A Tribe Called Wu…. it’s Mikemetic


Posted 7/27/14 at 9:58 pm by Mikemetic | 0 comments

On My Own



Posted 7/27/14 at 8:01 pm by Bill Farrar | 0 comments

Mr Felty does If Music Could Talk!!!

Lets enjoy a variety of Latin and African records.


Posted 7/27/14 at 6:05 pm by Mr. Felty and DJ Pari | 0 comments

The Motherland Influence July 27

Another 2 hours of African, Latin & Caribbean music.


Posted 7/27/14 at 3:56 pm by DJ GrayBeard | 0 comments

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