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Jennifer Gallienne is reading The V Word, Carol Olson is interviewing Stacy Vecchietti from the Virginia Anti-Violence Project for Inspire Indeed, Judd Proctor and readers will be doing the Rainbow Minute live. Other shows will include: Lightly on the Ground, Open SourceRVA, Death Club Radio, and Voices of Recovery.

Thursday, March 12th 5-8PM @ Glave Kocen Gallery. 1620 West Main Street.

WRIR is shaking up our schedule. More locally produced music shows during the week day with news and public affairs on the weekends and over night. Its the biggest schedule change in our 10 years on air. View our new lineup here >>.

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Friday Breakfast Blend…now with Jay


Posted 3/6/15 at 5:57 am by Jay Sandusky | 0 comments

Plastic Mouth/Red Sands

mr. atavist


Posted 3/5/15 at 10:26 pm by mr. atavist | 0 comments

Wintry Boutique Mix

Loyal listeners - I'm braving the wintry mix outside to play you a wintry mix of tunes befitting this freezing March evening. 9-11 pm!


Posted 3/5/15 at 8:57 pm by PaulG | 2 comments

New Time, Still New Music

We'll start with some nice loud songs from Pile, Krill and Beach Creeps then later hear new music from local musicians Dorthia Cotrell and Matthew E. White along with music from Eternal Summers, Wand, Surf City, Faith Healer and Bill Fay.


Posted 3/5/15 at 6:57 pm by Jack McHale | 0 comments

Activate! March 5 - March 12

Tonight at 5pm will be my first Thursday Activate! ever and I am jazzed! I'll have the usual array of great bands playing live in Richmond this week, like Cha Cha's Cadillac and Kings who both have album release shows and Hot Dolphin (pictured) who play a benefit for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project. Plus, to celebrate I'll give away tickets to see Lucero/Ryan Bingham, River City Extension, and the Bouncing Souls!

 photo HD_zpszcwgr46x.jpg

Click on "read more" for the show listings / playlist. Click here for the podcast:


Posted 3/5/15 at 4:05 pm by Mike Rutz | 0 comments

March 5th, 2015 (Version 2.0 - Episode 1)


Welcome to The Commonwealth of Notions! What was once a late night local music showcase is now your Thursday afternoon local music showcase. I'll be bringing you a playlist full of Richmond music that aims to impress! Let's get this started off right!

Click "read more" for the playlist!

As Always, Thanks for Tuning In and Supporting All Things Local!


Posted 3/5/15 at 2:53 pm by Shannon Cleary | 0 comments

0305 Ice Pellet Blend

Beware the forecasted ICE PELLETS! Stay inside and hulahoop instead!


Posted 3/5/15 at 5:53 am by Galaxy Girl | 2 comments

The Horsehead Nebula

This early morning's Horsehead Nebula might be The Most Horsehead of Nebulas in a long time.  I'm taking the show back to its roots with track overlays, drone songs, etc.  The tracklist shows everything played on the show, however, few of those songs can be heard by themselves.  I dig it.  As always, thank you for listening.


Posted 3/5/15 at 1:01 am by George Alexis | 1 comments

Altered Circuitry 3/4/15


Posted 3/4/15 at 11:02 pm by The Wizard King | 0 comments

Mercury Falls ~ Spaced Out

K-X-P - Magnetic North

click read more to see the setlist!

Leonard Nimoy


Posted 3/4/15 at 9:12 pm by Melissa | 0 comments

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