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GalaxyGhoul’s 4th of 4 Halloweeny Episodes

Boo! I'm blending up some delicious music for your ears.


Posted 10/30/14 at 4:57 am by Galaxy Girl | 1 comments

Altered Nebula

IT'S ALIIIVE! The Horsehad has been melded with Altered Circuitry for a four hour long extravaganza of electronic bleep-bloops, metal, and all sorts of weirdness in between. We're currently at the halfway, point. It... shall... be... COOL!


Posted 10/29/14 at 11:54 pm by George Alexis | 0 comments

Episode 7:  Hello Darkness


Posted 10/29/14 at 11:03 pm by JR Tympanum | 0 comments

Horsehead Circuitry part 1


Posted 10/29/14 at 10:02 pm by The Wizard King | 0 comments

Mercury Falls ~ Halloween Dreams

Playing now:
Ursula Bogner - 2 Ton


click "read more" to see the setlist!


Posted 10/29/14 at 8:04 pm by Melissa | 0 comments

Activate! October 29 - November 5

If you're not sure where to go this Halloween, tune in at 7pm for some musical suggestions. I'll showcase many of the bands performing on All Hallow's Eve, plus I'll cover the Nightmare on Grace Street tape release show, the Voodoo Street Fest, and Mutwaween featuring the return of Snack Truck as a 4-piece (pictured)! Plus, You can win tickets to see Japan's Premier Funk Orchestra Osaka Monaurail as well as the Paul Collins Beat!

 photo st_zps8b1e7c36.jpg

Click on "read more" for the show listings / playlist. Click here for the podcast:


Posted 10/29/14 at 4:27 pm by Mike Rutz | 0 comments

The Lotus Land Show - Lotusween OF HORROR

Playing now:
Fear Condition - Halloween

It's LotusWeen on the show today. Join me for two hours of frights on what has become an annual tradition, the Lotus Land Show OF HORROR!!! Today from 5 to 7pm on WRIR 97.3 and WRIR.ORG. BOO!


Posted 10/29/14 at 4:03 pm by Michael Miracle | 1 comments

Wedneday Morning Nocturnal


Posted 10/29/14 at 5:26 am by George | 0 comments

dog germs 10/29/14 edition

happy early halloween!

most of the first hour will be bands that are playing in the surrounding areas in the next week: samhain, heretics in the lab, pain in the yeahs, assemblage 23, the glitch mob, the m machine, and chrome well as new music from billy idol, sarcophagic, and m!r!m!

...and then the 2nd hour will be filled with lots of other great and fulfilling songs...including your requests!

upcoming shows:

heretics in the lab and pain in the yeahs on oct. 30th @ the iguana, norfolk, va
sam hain on oct. 31st @ howard theater, washington, d.c.
assemblage 23 on oct. 31 @ empire, springfield, va
the glitch mob, the m machne, chrome sparks on nov. 2 @ echostage, washington, d.c.
echoes of solitude, fallout of fear, proceed the eye, automated messiah on nov. 7th @ taphouse, norfolk, va
stoneburner and the rain within on nov. 7th @ fallout, richmond, va
johnny marr on nov. 9 @ 9:30 club, washington, d.c.
the birthday massacre on nov. 15 @ empire, springfield, va
click "read more" to see the playlist!
miss the show?  un-miss via podcast!
...and be sure to like us on facebook!
thank you all for donating during our fall fund drive!  ...and as always, thank you for listening!


Posted 10/29/14 at 12:00 am by Tommy Atrien | 0 comments

Post Fund Drive Victory Lap (dance!) (podcast available!)


We may have "officially" closed the books on the fund drive, but I'll still let you shove a couple of dollar bills in my g-string, if you like.

Don't worry, I'll still dance!




Posted 10/28/14 at 9:50 pm by enzo | 2 comments

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