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Activate! November 26 - December 3

Big No! (pictured) are just one of the bands I'll play tonight on Activate! at 7pm. They will be performing at the Video Fan Riot this Saturday at Hardywood, but there are many more live music options this Thanksgiving week that I'll highlight for you tonight.

 photo bn_zpsbb57b705.jpg

Click on "read more" for the show listings / playlist. Click here for the podcast:


Posted 11/26/14 at 5:58 pm by Mike Rutz | 0 comments

The Lotus Land Show: 11/26/2014 Guest DJ Thanksgiving Food-Coma Edition

The Lotus Land Show
guest-hosted this week by Sean Kennedy
Richmond Indie Radio, WRIR-LP 97.3 FM
Wednesdays, 5 to 7 PM Eastern


(click read more below to see the full playlist)



Posted 11/26/14 at 6:06 pm by Sean Kennedy | 0 comments

Wednesday Breakfast Blend—a plateful of grateful


Posted 11/26/14 at 6:02 am by Jay Sandusky | 0 comments

Basis of Funk Vol 2 Ch. IV Cover the Tracks

Thanks for tuning in Funkazoids! This Episode of BoF I covered movie and TV soundtracks from Pulp Fiction, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and More! It was a great night, and be sure to click the tune in player to review the show if you missed it. Have a good Thanksgiving and be safe RVA!


Posted 11/26/14 at 3:01 am by DJ Heavy Styles | 0 comments

dog germs 11/26/14 edition

no new music for dog germs tonight/this morning, but we will start out the show with some metal! saturday night at the canal club here in rva are 3 of rva's heaviest tribute bands...zombie xxx (white zombie/rob zombie), more beer (metallica), and wrathchild (iron maiden) we will hear some tracks from each of the bands that have inspired these locals to make this awesome event happen!

but do not worry...i will still be playing plenty of industrial, darkwave, and other as usual as well as your killer requests!

upcoming shows:

zombie xxx, more beer, wrathchild on nov. 29th @ the canal club, richmond, va
hanzel und gretyl, deist requiem, machines of living death on dec. 20th @ fallout, richmond, va
billy idol on jan. 25th @ the lincoln theatre, washington, d.c.
spandau ballet on feb. 2nd @ 9:30 club
swans on march 26th @ the broadberry, richmond, va

click "read more" to see the playlist!

miss this vicious show?  well, try and tame the podcast!

...and be sure to like us on facebook!

thank you for listening!  have an awesome terrific week!


Posted 11/26/14 at 12:56 am by Tommy Atrien | 0 comments

POP Goes Your DNA (podcast available!)

Family, you gotta love 'em, right?
No, seriously, you HAVE to!
As we tie up all the loose ends before heading home to la familia, Pop Goes The World will highlight what's so great about sharing DNA.




Posted 11/25/14 at 10:51 pm by enzo | 0 comments

Thanks be to Giving

Well, here it is folks. Your weekly Billy Joel tribute show... that's not what this is.


Posted 11/25/14 at 8:59 pm by Will | 1 comments

Family and Food on The Edge of Americana

Family, friends and food on the Edge of Americana.   Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great holiday.  Otto and Josh


Posted 11/25/14 at 7:10 pm by Otto Konrad | 1 comments

Wide Ear Folk

A track from a great band Tiny Ruins on WEF today! Click on read more for the play list


Posted 11/25/14 at 4:43 pm by Eric Walters | 0 comments

Prodigal Blend w/ DJ Lylas

Home-comings, family and thankfullness abound this week. DJ Lylas returns from DC for a special edition of the TMBB! Tune in and groove ~



Posted 11/25/14 at 5:32 am by DJ Lylas | 0 comments

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