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I Got A Sock

It is the thought that counts- and the thought adds up to Zero.


Posted 12/27/14 at 12:23 pm by Allan Coberly | 0 comments

Party of One: Best 25 of 52 Weeks at 33⅓

It's been a year since I started my "Album of the Week" project.  Time to wrap it all up by playing my favorite 25 of the year.  Is your favorite in the mix?

Call up! 804-649-9737

Tweet! @WRIRDJDustin or @WRIR


Click "Read More" for the palylist!


Posted 12/27/14 at 10:37 am by Dustin | 0 comments

Wake Up! It’s the British Breakfast!


Posted 12/27/14 at 9:05 am by Gene | 0 comments

The Days of Yore

Welcome to your weekend. Thank you for tuning in.

Once again we gather around the community fire to celebrate the life of all. We dance on Mother Earth and celebrate the returning of the Sun. We will also remember and honor those in history who have been tragically taken.

With the New Year quickly approaching, we will focus on both the celebration of life and the loss of it.

Walk in peace,

Tall Feathers


Posted 12/27/14 at 5:58 am by Tall Feathers | 0 comments

curved air december 27 2014 the one with johannes brahms


Posted 12/27/14 at 3:04 am by DJ Bob | 0 comments

December 27th, 2014

Happy Holidays,

Tonight is the last episode of The Commonwealth of Notions for 2014. I will be reflecting on all sorts of favorites things that happened over the course of the year! Enjoy!

Click "read more" for the playlist!

As Always, Thanks for tuning in, Thanks for Supporting All Things Local and Thanks for 2014!


Posted 12/27/14 at 12:56 am by Shannon Cleary | 0 comments


shhh. we have some hip hop tonight.

Guest artist Hitman Lamac for an interview and freestyle.


Posted 12/26/14 at 11:06 pm by Christian | 0 comments

WTF: Happy Holidays

"What the Fontaine?!: You never know what you'll hear next on this fun mix of tunes from across the decades and musical genres."

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. My brother gave me a cool toy with art by Joan Miro in the background ... you know, the toy where you've got to get the little balls in the little holes as you tilt it back and forth. And then I got to watch two grown men play a game of electric football. Too funny. Anyhow ... I've got a bunch of music to play for you tonight 9-11pmEST, so tune in, K?

AIM: WhatTheFontaine    Phone: 804.649-9737
Click here for tonight's podcast.
All podcasts:

Click "Read More" for song list.


Posted 12/26/14 at 9:01 pm by fontaine | 0 comments

Last Time Is Tight Show of 2014


Posted 12/26/14 at 6:03 pm by Ivey | 0 comments

The Wintry Mix


Posted 12/26/14 at 5:47 pm by JR Tympanum | 0 comments

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