With Special Guest

The Edge of Americana - Jun. 19, 2018
Americana Bluegrass Blues Country Folk Jazz Music

Thanks to Jesse Wells for bringing his record collection in!


Kisses With Foreign Fishes 1-09-17 Dancing! Shouting! Drumming!

Basis of Funk - Jan. 01, 2018
Dance Electronica Experimental Funk Hip Hop House Jazz Local Music Music Pop Progressive Rock Psychedelia Punk Rock Soul World

Dance Dance Revolution! It’s always a dance party on this show, but the first half of this week is extra party. Going to start out in the key of frantically tempoed J-pop, go from there to some euro-pop, arabic indi-rock/disco, and then there will be Eastern europeans shouting. Because who doesn’t love a good angry bosnian punk rap? A few more arabic dance jams and then some killer traditional percussion/trance stuff to lull you into your dreams.

TM Revolution (Japan)Love SaverSingle2000
Antiloop (Sweden)Start Rockin’Electronic collectionS-Records2001
Globe (Japan)Regret of the DayGlobe1996
Towa Tei (Japan/US)BatucadaFuture Listening!EEG1995
Stromae (Belgium/Rwanda)PapaoutaiRacine Carrée2013
Kiesza (Canada)HideawaySound of a WomanIsland Records2014
Klingande(France)JubelJubel EP2013
Bomba Estéreo(Columbia)Somos DosAmanecer2015
Laura Mvula (UK)Green GardenSing To The Moon
Sharmoofers (Egypt)Ayam Zamanwe are happy because of musicThe Basement Records2013
Mashrou’ Leila (Lebanon)FalyakonIbn el LeilMashrou’ Leila2015
Apo and the Apostles (Palestine)LinaUnder the Zeitun Tree EP
Ceca (Serbia)AutogramAutogramCeca Music2016
Andreana Cekic (Serbia)300 SvatovaKraljica U Zlatu2015
Dubioza Kolektiv (Bosnia and Herzegovnia)KažuApsurdistan2013 "They Say They say that Bosnia is a country just for your relatives, and that we're top on the list for ""brain drain"". They say, Iran again is making nuclear bombs, a bubble gum cleans the teeth but it pulls out the fillings. They say, if we want it, we'll dream about it. they say, on Jamaica they sell ganja on killos. They say, don't drink water if you're hot, here the draft is killing us, we've been playing good but a referee has fucked us. They say that alcohol is healthier than marijuana, they say if you don't have a stance, they put you one instantly. They say that blondies are dumber than blacks and brunettes, and that everything tastes better with a spoon of Vegeta. They say, they'll never stop brainwashing us. As long as there are more sheep, there won't be a lack of wool. They say, our panties have fallen, we've bitten the hooks. Our heads are in sand along with unprotected ass. They say that the end of the world is relatively close, and that the banks have pulled us into the crisis. They make me go to the elections every two years, and I vote for a coffee and marijuana. From Vatican to Iran, as if yesterday we fell from the branches, from Vatican to Iran, to a monkey a banana is sufficient. From Vatican to Iran, as if yesterday we fell from the branches, from Vatican to Iran, marijuana is illegal. They say that babies are brought by storks, and that only a bottled water is healthy. They say that along with a song it's ""effectively rubbed"", it's a miracle of soap against stubborn stains. They say, they'll never stop brainwashing us. As long as there are more sheep, there won't be a lack of wool. They say, our panties have fallen, we've bitten the hooks. Our heads are in sand along with unprotected ass. They say that the end of the world is relatively close, and that the banks have pulled us into the crisis. They make me go to the elections every two years, and I vote for a coffee and marijuana. From Vatican to Iran, as if yesterday we fell from the branches, from Vatican to Iran, to a monkey a banana is sufficient. From Vatican to Iran, as if yesterday we fell from the branches, from Vatican to Iran, marijuana is illegal"
S.A.R.S (Croatia)PerspektivaPerspektiva2011 "Perspective A brain in front of a computer and the unhealthy food Cheap drugs are easily accessible for weak boys The car is only for persistent but gasoline is expensive Ticket for betting costs only twenty dinars, situation is like Milosevic has risen from the grave The EU have been waiting for us, the fridge like the pharmacy We have a bread and a ketchup, and we can sleep very well Tennis is on TV, the spider in underpants The original Levi's from Novi Pazar, the freedom is myth! We have skimmed melons cause fields are bore We are in deep shit, but we have managed to swim We haven't the salary and pension, but it is same if we have We live of music, just let play it The football is played on street, the stone is the goalpost And a beer from the supermarket for a nice feeling In society is everything better when you have problems I'll try to have better perspective! Perspective, perspective.... Our reality is black and white and future is grey Perspective, perspective.... We all have, we all have the grey perspective Perspective, perspective.... Perspective is for us a cheap cigarette Perspective, perspective.... Perspective, a beer for supermarket!"
Mano Negra (France)Mala VidaPatchankaBoucherie Productions1988
Senor Flavio (Argentina)Mexican PrincessNada EspecialNacional2013
Choubene (France/Algeria)Rai Mtelefni Arabic BeatPutumayo2012
Zein Al-Jundi (Syria/US)Ajmal Gharam Arabic BeatPutumayo2012
Djamel Laroussi (Algeria/Germany)Kifach HiltiArabic BeatPutumayo2012
Unknown Ethipian MusiciansTejbeitPassion – SourcesRealworld Records1989
Les Musicians Du Nil (Egypt)Al Nahla al ‘aliPassion – SourcesRealworld Records1989
Shankar and the Epidemics (Pakistan)Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai PallaviPassion – SourcesRealworld Records1989

dog germs 1/31/17 edition

Dog Germs / Happy House - Jan. 31, 2017
Electronica Industrial Metal Music New Wave Punk
skinny puppydig itthe singles collectnettwerk1999
aesthetic perfectionnever enoughblood spills not far from the woundmetropolis2015
youth codesick skinnedan overturedais2014
herzschlagsteh auf!fest/der/liebemetropolis2009
x marks the pedwalkabattoirfreakszoth ommog1991
kmfdmbeing boiledblitzmetropolis2009
iamxspit it out (string version)the alternativemetropolis2008
revolution 9radioam/fmscarab2005
worms of the earthexcising the last vestiges of ahamkarasitra achraindustry 82015
shinjuku thiefthe darkened psalmthe witch hammerprojekt: archive1993
joy divisionatrocity exhibitioncloserfactory1980
mission ukdeliverancegraver's paradisecleopatra2002
the jesus and mary chaintaste the floorpsychocandyblanco y negro1985
peter gabrielin your eyes (live)secret world livegeffen1994
prabir and the substitutestrainsfive little pieces'self released'2008
the erniesthinking of youthe erniesbob1995
orthrusthy fate in damnationtyrants of deceptionlost apparitions2011
vopatcontracting leadsilhouettesinam2006
flat black tomatothe aggressortomato head'self released'1996
deep purpleking of dreamsslaves and mastersrca1990
queensrycheanother rainy night (without you)empireemi1990

Wide Ear Folk 1/31/17

Wide Ear Folk - Jan. 31, 2017
Americana Bluegrass Country Folk Music

Tift Merritt Dusty Old Man Stitch of the World
James Keelaghan Bonnie Light Horseman A Few Simple Verses
Rayna Gellert Strike the Bells Workin’s Too Hard
Matthew and the Atlas Kingdom Of Your Own Kingdom Of Your Own Ep
Matthew and the Atlas Come Out Of The Woods Kingdom Of Your Own Ep
Michael Chapman 03 The Mallard 50
Pearl And The Beard Mistakes God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson
Laura Stevenson Renée Wheel
King Creosote Melin Wynt Astronaut Meets Appleman
Eleni Mandell Empty Locket (feat. Milo Jones) Unsung Heroes: Songs of Eleni Mandell
Bill Staines The Roseville Fair The Whistle of the Jay
Priscilla Ahn Girls Unsung Heroes: Songs of Eleni Mandell
Mutual Benefit Fire Escape Skip a Sinking Stone
Dan Mangan Leaves, Trees, Forest Oh Fortune
Various Artists Long Time Before This (Gwaii Haanas, BC) National Parks Project
Caroline Paton, Sandy Paton Rambling Man New Harmony
Tift Merritt Stitch of the World Stitch of the World
Jono Mccleery Age Of Self Pagodes
Michael Chapman 07 Money Trouble 50
Mutual Benefit Slow March Skip a Sinking Stone
Mutual Benefit Wishing Mutual Spirits
King Creosote The Long Fade (Bonus Track) Astronaut Meets Appleman
Pearl And The Beard Prodigal Daughter Killing the Darlings
River Whyless Hold Me to Ya Hold Me to Ya
Dan Mangan How Darwinian Oh Fortune
Aimee Mann Mental Illness
James Keelaghan Red-winged Blackbird Home
Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough Everything Mockingbird Soul
Rosalie Sorrels I Think of You If I Could Be the Rain
Ellen Epstien, Lisa Kallet, Cindy Kallet If I Sing Cindy Kallet 2
Cindy Kallet Steamboat to the Mainland Cindy Kallet 2
Pearl And The Beard Voice in my Throat God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson


TMBB: You’re Cool 1/31/17

Tuesday Breakfast Blend - Jan. 31, 2017
Dance Electronica Music Pop Punk Rock Soul

All my friends in the fight, keep on fighting. You’re cool!

William OnyeaborFantastic ManWorld Psychedelic Classics
Beastie BoysTwenty QuestionsThe Sounds of Science
Unkmown Mortal OrchestraFirst World ProblemFirst World Problem
Naomi ElizabethGod Sent Me Here to Rock YouGod Sent Me to Rock You
MetricGlass CeilingLive It Out
The BlowThe Sky Opened Up Wide Like The TidePoor Aim: Love Songs
Naomi ElizabethDo You Ever Feel Like You Might Be CoolDo You Ever Feel Like You Might Be Cool
KleenexDie Matrosen Kleenex
Tiny HazardSesameSesameBa Da Bing!2017New
Big ThiefVelvet RingMasterpieceSaddle Creek2016New
MothersParadise At LastWhen You Walk A Long Distance You Are TiredGrand Jury Music2016New
Kelly Lee Owens feat. Jenny HvalAnxi. Anxi.Smalltown Supersound2017New
Empress OfWoman is a WordWoman is a WordTerrible Records2016New
BenedekCoolin'Coolin' - EPLeaving Records2016
Geotic Actually SmilingActually SmilingGhostly International2017New
Grace Ferris Bueller's Day Off
ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ 7:00 AM!
PylonCool Gyrate PlusDFA1980
Diet CigTummy AcheTummy AcheFrenchkiss2017New
William OnyeaborRide On BabyCrashes in LoveLuaka Bop2016
Reesa ReneeWonderland CoolReelease Independent2012
EMMANUELLEFree Hifi Internet - Portuguese version EMMANUELLEDEEWEE2015
Buscabulla feat. Helado NegroFrio Frio (feat. Helado Negro)Baby Making2017New
Young Montana? Sacre CoolSacre Leaks Self Released2011 (SUDAN)
IzemAqua VivaHafaSoundway2016New
Ibibio Sound MachineThe Pot is On FireThe Pot is On FireMerge 2016
Yellowman Strong Me StrongBest of Yellowman
SantigoldShove It (feat. Spank Rock)Santigold
Yeni NostaljiBir Gol Olur2016 EP2016 LOCAL
Gruff RhysLiberty (is Where We'll Be)American Interior
Cherry GlazerrNuclear BombApocalypstick

Revisiting Western Swing

Time Again Radio Show - Jan. 31, 2017
Americana Country Folk Jazz Music

“Western swing is nothing more than a group of talented country boys, unschooled in music, but playing the music they feel, beating a solid two-four rhythm to the harmonies that buzz around their brains. When it escapes in all its musical glory, my friend, you have Western swing.”
– Merle Travis

Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysIda Red Likes the Boogie
Carson Robison's MadcapsNonsense
The East Texas SerenadersAcorn Stomp
Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Houston Slide
Spade CooleyHaas Stomp
Zeke Manners & His SwingbilliesOrgan Grinder's Blues
Milton Brownie & His BrowniesLong Long Ago
Jimmie Revard & His Oklahoma PlayboysOh Swing It
Light Crust DoughboysHorsie Keep Your Tail Up
Hardrock GunterFallen Angel
Cliff BrunerSorry I Will Say I'm Sorry
Milton Brown & His BrowniesBring It On Down to My House Honey
Leon McAuliffeSteel Guitar Rag
Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysTexas Playboy Rag
The Sons of The PioneersHold That Critter Down
Lew PrestonMaid of Mexico
Light Crust DoughboysSittin' on Top of the World
The Prairie RamblersStrut Your Material
Cliff BrunerCorrine Corrina
The Nite OwlsWhats Yo Name?
Spade Cooley & His Western Swingin GangThe Trouble With Me
Tex WilliamsTalking Boogie
Milton Brown & His BrowniesWashington & Lee Swing
Modern MountaineersEverybody's Truckin'
Patsy MontanaI Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Al Dexter & His TroopersPistol Packin' Mama
Bob WillsMilk Cow Blues
Adolph HofnerI'll Keep My Old Guitar
Merle TravisSo Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed
Lefty FrizzellIf You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time
The Maddox BrothersMean & Wicked Boogie
Bill Boyd & Cowboy RamblersNew Steel Guitar Rag
Los Arrerrios & Quebe SistersExerpt from Smithsonian Festival 2008
Pokey La FargeGood Country Girls
The Riders in the SkyThe Yodel Blues
Asleep at the WheelBob Wills is Still King

Metal 101 Playlist – 1-30-17

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - Jan. 30, 2017
Americana Bluegrass Blues Folk Funk Music Rock Soul
MetallicaHolier Than ThouBlack Album
MetallicaAtlas, Rise!Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
Deep PurpleFireballFireball
Black SabbathThe WizardBlack Sabbath
Uncle Acid and The DeadbeatsMind CrawlerMojo Presents Heavy Nuggets Vol. 4
Iron MaidenThe Number One BeastThe Number One Beast
MotorheadAce of SpadesNo Sleep 'Til Hamersmith
The MisfitsDie, Die My DarlingEarth A.D. / Die, Die My Darling
MetallicaFade To BlackRide The Lightning
SlayerNecrophiliacHell Awaits
MegadethSymphony of DestructionCountdown To Extinction
AnthraxMadhouseSpreading The Disease
Nine TreasuresBlack HeartNine Treasures
Lamb Of GodStill EchoesVII: Sturm Und Drang
GWARHam On The BoneAmerica Must Be Destroyed
X JAPANBlue BloodBlue Blood
LefutrayMedicreFrente Al Fin
SepulturaRoots Bloody RootsRoots
RammsteinDu HastSehnsucht
MetalachiHot For TeacherDos
Jimmy Fallon / Th Roots / MetallicaEnter The SandmanLive on Jimmy Fallon Show
DisturbedThe Sound Of SilenceImmortalized
Jethro TullSteel MonkeyCrest Of A Knave
Spinal TapBig BottomThis Is Spinal Tap
Judas PriestScreaming For VengeanceScreaming For Vengeance

Approach to February fetes

Louisiana Dance Hall - Jan. 30, 2017
Americana Blues Cajun Funk Jazz Music Soul World Zydeco

As we wind up the first month of 2017 (heads spinning) look ahead to a variety of fantastic fetes in February: WRIR’s 12th Party for the Rest of Us (the 3rd), Valentine’s Day (the 14th) and Mardi Gras (the 28th). Tonight’s LDH will clear your head and lift your heart. Say “ahhhhhhhhhh”. Info on upcoming Cajun and Zydeco dances is posted on LDH Facebook. Allons danser!

Atlanta Swamp OperaAmede two-stepEt Toi!self
Roddy RomeroDa big squeezeCajun & Zydeco Mardi Gras!Maison de Soul
Rockin Dopsie Jr. & Zydeco TwistersHot tamale babyTurn Up the Zydeco!`Mardi Gras Records
Steve Riley & Mamou PlayboysChanson de Mardi GrasVoyageursself
Boozoo ChavisBroke and hungryDown Home on Dog HillRounder
Bruce DaigrepontLes politiciensBienvenue dans le sud de la Louisianeself
Cedryl BallouDon't actCountry Roadsself
Balfa ToujoursJeunes filles de la campagneDeux VoyagesRounder
Sean ArdoinStanding roomLive at Chicken Runself
L'AngelusHey tite filleCa C'est Bon!Cajunrecords.com
Tab BenoitSolid simple thingThe Sea Saint SessionsTelarc
Chris ArdoinNever gave upAlter EgoMaison de Soul
High PerformanceTonight the bottle let me downLive from Breaux Bridge Pt.2Swallow
Acadien Cajun BandBig city waltzNo Time Like a Good Timeself
Beau Jocque & Zydeco Hi-RollersZydeco boogie woogiePick Up on This!Rounder
Canray FontenotLes plats sont tous mis sur la tableLouisiana Hot Sauce, Creole StyleArhoolie
Rockin Dopsie Jr. & Zydeco TwistersHand jiveEverybody ScreamAIM
Royal Southern BrotherhoodSweet jelly doughnut
Eddie LeJeuneDans la porte je suis apres espererIt's In The BloodRounder
The Sensations w/Warren StormThat was the last timeThat Feeling AgainJin
Les Amies LouisianaisesLe pays dans la jogueLe P'tit ChevroletMusique Acadienne
Thomas Big Hat FieldsI forgive youLouisianaLenor
Kyle Huval & Dixie Club RamblersSunny's waltzLe Poteau de CoinSwallow
Anna Laura EdmistonLivin on memories of youJoel Savoy's Honky Tonk Merry-Go-RoundValcour
Marc BroussardEye on the prize
Sam Broussard & Barry Jean AnceletLe loupBroken Promised LandSwallow
Roddie Romero & Hub City All-StarsBy your sideGulfstreamOctavia

Lost Music Saloon: Jan 30, 2017: 5-7 p.m.

Lost Music Saloon - Jan. 30, 2017
Americana Blues Country Folk Music

Lost Music Saloon: 01/30/2017: 05:00PM to 07:00PM

Steve Earle “Guitar Town” from “Ain’t Ever Satisfied”
Killbilly “Muddy Rio Grande” from “Bootleg”
SUSTO “Black River Gospel” from “Susto”
SHEL “Rooftop” from “Just Crazy Enough”

Brian Fallon “Smoke” from “Painkillers”
Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers “I’ve Been Gone” from “Starlight Hotel”
The Lightning Seeds “pure” from “Like You Do – Best of the Lightning Seeds”
Kelly Willis “Stone’s Throw Away” from “Stone’s Throw Away”

Brandy Clark “Girl Next Door” from “Big Day in a Small Town”
Terry Allen “Room To Room” from “Human Remains”
The Deadfields “Let It Rain” from “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt”
Cornershop “Good to Be On the Road Back Home” from “When I Was Born for the 7th Time”

Clark Paterson “Sweet Baby” from “The Final Tradition”
Cody Jinks “Thunderheads” from “30”
Courtney Marie Andrews “How Quickly Your Heart Mends” from “Honest Life”
The Whipsaws “Shotgun Wedding” from “Ten Day Bender”

Keith Urban “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” from “Ripcord”
Rosie Flores “Boxcars” from “Bandera Highway”
Ike Reilly “Ballad of Jack and Haley” from “Hard Luck Stories”
Neil Young “Harvest Moon” from “Harvest Moon”

Bob Dylan “Tangled Up In Blue” from “Blood On the Tracks”
George Jones “The King Is Gone (So Are You)” from “Country Superstars”
The Amazing Rhythm Aces “Third Rate Romance” from “Stacked Deck”
Golden Smog “pecan pie” from “Down By the Old Mainstream”

Three Dog Night “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)” from “Celebrate – 1965-1975”
Guy Clark “Instant Coffee Blues” from “Old No. 1”

April Verch “Still Trying” from “That’s How We Run”
– Shady Grove Coffeehouse on Sat. 2/4 @ 7:30/8:00 p.m.
Eric Krasno “jezebel” from “blood from a Stone”
– The Broadberry on Thurs. 2/2 @ 9:00/9:30 p.m.

Garry, DJ
Lost Music Saloon
WRIR 97.3 FM
Richmond, VA


Tea With Me and You as Well

- Jan. 30, 2017

DJ Heavy Styles steering the Ship this Week

Ella fitzgeraldits only a paper moon
Nat King Cole and The King Cole TrioStaighten up and FLy Right
As Time Goes ByThe Buffalo Bills
Buffalo BillsTea For Two
The Sportsman QuartetMedley
Andrews SistersStrip Polka
Andrews SistersSing SingSinng
Boswell SistersBlue Moon
Boswell SistersCheek to Cheek
Little AnthonyTears on My Pillow
The SpanielsGoodnight Sweetheart
Perry ComoDont let the stars get in your eyes
The Four LadsStanding on the corner
Eddie FisherOh My PA PA
Tennessee Ernie Ford16 tons
Patti PAgeTennesse Waltz

Beginning to See the Light

- Jan. 29, 2017

Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
The Velvet Underground – Beginning to See the Light
Arcesia – Soul Wings
Ray Brown Orchestra – Polo Pony
Norvegian Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction Double Feature
Rod & the Cobras – Richard Nixon
The (Hypothetical) Prophets – I Like Leadperson to Person
Crime Club – Dirty Ho
The Police – Hole in My Life
We the People – Mirror of Your Mind
The Del Rubio Triplets – I Feel Good
Southern Culture on the Skids – Tunafish Every Day
Living Guitars – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
John Travolta – Slow Dancing
Shunsuke Kikuchi & the Columbian Orchestra – Set Up
Gary Wilson – Where did Karen Go?


If Music Could Talk 1/29/17 with DJ Pari and Mr. Felty

If Music Could Talk - Jan. 29, 2017
Music World

Lou Donaldson Spaceman Twist Blue Note
Charles Earland Here comes Charlie Prestige
Horace Silver and the Jazz MessengersHippyBlue Note
Lee Morgan RoccusBlue Note
Kenny Dorham 'Round About MidnightBlue Note
Tina Brooks Street SingerBlue Note
Composers Workshop Ensemble Sub Structure Strata East
Hank Mobley Hi Groove, low Feed-Back Blue Note
Elmo Hope Sextet and Trio Moe, Jr. Riverside
Eddie In walked Bud Prestige
Art Farmer A Night at Tony's Prestige
Dizzy Gillespie My heart belongs to DaddyVerve
James Moody Ally Argo
Curtis Fuller The Breeze and I Impulse
Duke Pearson The Phantom Blue Note
Wayne Shorter Infant Eyes Blue Note
Donald Byrd Christo Redentor Blue Note

The Motherland Influence: January 29, 2017 5:00-7:00 PM

The Motherland Influence - Jan. 29, 2017
Music World
Mose Fan Fan Sesengo & Orchestre Somo Somo (DRCongo)Hello Hello (program theme song)Hello HelloStern's Africa
Sega Sega Band (Kenya)John OchiengUrgent Jumping! East African Misiki wa Dansi Classics 1972-1982Stern's Music2016
Collela Mazee & Victoia B Kings (Kenya)Nyar KananJessicaEquator Heritage Sounds2004
D.O. Misiani (Kenya)Amka SalamaBenga Beats Volume One: Direct From Lake VictoriaTamasha
Les Mangelepa (DRCongo/Kenya)Lolo MukenaMadinaASL1985
Bob Marley & The WailersGet up Stand UpLive!Universal2017-1975New
Morgan Heritage feat. Jo Mersa Marley (Jamaica)Light It UpLight It UpCTBC Music2017New
Kingston Fyah (Jamiaca)Kingston FyahKingston FyahNew Kingston2016New
Queen Ifrica (Jamaica)Lie Dem Ah TellClimbVP Records2017New
Vibronics & Conscious SoundsLeave Ya DubHalf Century Dub ... Five Decades in the MixSCOOPS2017New
Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote D'Ivoire)ZimbabweRacinesWrasse2016New
Bwazan (Mali)An Ka Foli KeLost in Mali: Off the Beaten Track from Bamako to TimbuktuRiverboat Records2015
Sona Diabate (Guinea)M'BoteKankele-TiPopular African Music1990
Madiodio (Senegal)Bay Yanga ToubaSorano Singers with SK7 and Le Super EtoileDakar Sound1981
Nelda Pina & La BOA (Colombia)Viejos TiemposAnimalNelda Pina y La BOA2015
Super Cayor de Dakar (Senegal)DegoAfrican Salsa Senegalese Salsa FireworksEarthworks/Stern's1998
Afro-Zen Allstars (USA)Aj AjGreatest HitsSelf2017New
Alsarah & The Nubatones (USA)Salam NubiaManaraWonderwheel2016New
Noura Mint Seymali (ArbinaArbinaGlitterbeat2016New
Mighty Joshua (USA)Them a WatchingMighty JoshuaMighty Joshua2013
Miramar (USA)Sin TiDedication To Sylvia RexachBarbes2016

The Other Black Music Jan. 29, 2017

Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music - Jan. 29, 2017
Blues Funk Music Soul World
The Lyman Woodard OrganizationCreative MusiciansCreative MusiciansPerfect Toy
OddiseeLike RealyLike Really-SingleMello Music Group2017New
A Tribe Called QuestWe The People....We Got It From Hear... Thank You For Your ServiceEpic Records2016New
Young Fathers featuring Leith Congregational ChoirOnly God KnowsOnly God KnowsBig Dada2017New
Leila AkyinyKein Weg zu weitAfro Sprtana EPMelting Pot2016New
Johnny PopcornGo Go Go!Totem PoleMad Dragon2016New
Common, Stevie WonderBlack America AgainBlack America AgainDef Jam2016New
Lonely HorseDevil In The White HouseDevil In The White HouseLonely Horse2017New
Omar ColemanBorne and Raised - LiveLive!Delmark2016New
Grady ChapmanLife SupportOne Of A KindMalaco Records2016New
Mississippi HeatCab Driving ManCab Driving ManDelmark2016New
Sharon LewisCan't Do It Like We DoGrown Ass WomanDelmark2016New
The Little Richard BandTry To Help Your BrotherCalifornia I'm CominHitman Records1970
Awilo Longomba featuring Yemi AladeRihannaKwelerAtex2017New
Ayo JayThe VibeThe VibeOne Nation Group LLC2017New
The Bongo HopNowa (feat. Maik Cel)Satingarona, Vol. 1TheUnderdogRecords2016New
Systema SolarChampe TabluoRumbo A TierraNacional2017New
Elage DioufFoula ak Fayda (Africa Cup Version) [Bonus Track]MelokáanePump up the world2015
Queen IfricaTrueversationNew
OmarDe Ja Vu (feat. Mayra Andrade)Love in BeatsFreestyle Records2017New
LockeRendezvous (feat. Kaleena Zanders)Rendezvous (feat. Kaleena Zanders)Doug Locke2017New
K SloneStayStayK Sloan / CD Baby2016New
Pennal JohnsonAre We' Movement I, ii & IIIConversations: Live In ChicagoHitman Records2016New

River City Limits w/ BUZZARD DUST live in the studio

River City Limits - Jan. 28, 2017
Local Music Music
T-DivisionPBRVAA Problem for Your Solution
Strike AnywherePrisoner EchoesDead FMFat Wreck Chords2006
Memory LossNothin But TroubleBLACKOUT EP Vinyl Conflict2016New
RingerThe VoiceDEMO 2016 2016New
Iron ReaganBleed the Fifthsingle off upcoming album Crossover Ministry2017New
BattlemasterCursed Boots of Perpetual DancingBattlehungry and Swordsworn2015
SuneaterColemanMirage IIBossy Lil Thing2017New
Paint StoreKepler 452-BKepler 452​-​B 2016 New
Deer Eat BirdsGooseHi Rez EP
NaviFlanajamIlluminavi II2015
Hex MachineHauntedFixator2013
Imaginary SonsSmalltalk HeadlockDon't Impress MeBossy Lil Thing2016New
Imaginary SonsRickshawDon't Impress MeBossy Lil Thing2016New
Headless MantisBumping Guts 4 BreakfastLive at WRIR 01-29-16
Venus GuytrapHuman Spine LibraryLive at WRIR 01-16-16
Toxic MoxieYou LogicVHS Box Set2015
The GasketsEarthquakeLoose Change2006
Pete CurryVoicemail from a Bill CollectorLive at WRIR 10-29-2016
BearstormCryptobiotic Filth-DestroyerBiophobiaGrimore2017New
Snack Truck4Live at WRIR 11-21-2015

Cause & Effect: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Cause and Effect - Jan. 28, 2017
Portland Cello ProjectTallymarksThe Thao & Justin Power SessionsKill Rock Stars2009
Andrew BirdPlasticitiesArmchair ApocryphaFat Possum2007
tUne-yArDsHey Lifenikki nack4AD2014
Yo La TengoYou Can Have It AllAnd Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-OutMatador Records2000
David Shultz & The SkylineDown The RoadRain In To The SeaNot A Blue Jay2009
Rogue WaveVote For Me Dummy30 Days, 30 SongsSecretly Group2016
Thao & MirahHow Dare YouThao & MirahKill Rock Stars2011
Fiona ApplePaper BagWhen The Pawn...Epic1999
Thao with The Get Down Stay DownTravelWe Brave Bee Stings and AllKill Rock Stars2008
Aretha FranklinBaby I Love YouChain Of FoolsRhino1993
Thao with The Get Down Stay DownTrouble Was ForKnow Better Learn FasterKill Rock Stars2009
The CricketsIt's Too LateThe Buddy Holly CollectionGeffen1993
Arthur RussellNobody Wants A Lonely HeartLove Is Overtaking MeRough Trade2008
PanaceaBetween Earth and Sky - InstrumentalThe Scenic RouteRawkus2007
Cat PowerLove & CommunicationThe GreatestMatador2006
Prabir & The SubstituesHow Can We Make This Ghost Happy?EPPop Faction2006
The Trillions1984SuperpositionDIY2015
The OK BirdI Lost My RabbitEPDIY2006
Missy ElliottGet Ur Freak OnMiss E... So AddictiveElektra2001
Sleater-KinneyAll Hands On The Bad OneAll Hands On The Bad OneKill Rock Stars2000
Thao & The Get Down Stay DownWe The Common (For Valerie Bolden)We The CommonDomino2013
The TroggsWith A Girl Like YouThe Best of The TroggsMercury1994
Melanie SafkaBrand New KeyBoogie Nights SoundtrackCapitol Records1997
Gold LeavesThe OrnamentThe OrnamentHardly Art2011
PanaceaWalk In The Park - InstrumentalThe Scenic Route (Deluxe Edition)Glow In The Dark2007
Sufjan StevensThe Only ThingCarrie & LowellAsthmatic Kitty2015
The DecemberistsRed Right AnkleHer Majesty The DecemberistsKill Rock Stars2003
Lucinda WilliamsDrunken AngelCar Wheels On A Gravel Road1998
Thao and The Get Down Stay DownMeticulous BirdA Man AliveRibbon Music2016

Rockin Modern Neon Sounds 1/28

Paul’s Boutique/Pan-Galactic Brunch - Jan. 28, 2017
... and a whole lot more! Americana Avant-Garde Bluegrass Blues Cajun Country Dance Experimental Folk Funk Hip Hop Jazz Local Music Metal Music New Wave Pop Power Pop Progressive Rock Psychedelia Punk Rock Soul World Zydeco

ChumbawumbaEverything You Know Is WrongUn
Gogol BordelloSuper Theory of EverythingSuper Taranta!
FlipperHa Ha HaGeneric Album
The ArchiesEverything's Archie
JockoA Little Bit of Everything60's Hipster Lounge
Bobby BosemanThe Astrological Soul Train
Nancy SinatraZodiac BluesKid Stuff
The BeatlesDo You Want to Know a Secret?Early Beatles
David BowieI Dig Everything
The Gaye BladesHey Pretty BoyGaye Blades
The High RisersYou Made Me Look Like KeithLost Weekend
Gentleman Jesse and His MenAll I Need TonightIs You
Greg CartwrightStop and Think It OverLive at the Circle A
King Khan ExperienceFa Fa Fa (Love Song)Scion A/V presents: The King Khan Experience
Detroit CobrasBad GirlsMink Rat or Rabbit
Hunx and His PunksU Don't Like Rock and RollGay Singles
RamonesThe KKK Took My Baby AwayPleasent Dreams
Lesley GoreYou Don't Own Me20th Century Masters Collection
Sonny CurtisLove Is All Around
Joan JettLove Is All AroundGreatest Hits
TroggsLove Is All AroundTroggs
Yo La TengoIt's Friday I'm In LoveStuff Like That There
Yo La TengoI'm So Lonesome I Could CryStuff Like That There
Phil BaughCountry GuitarLive Wire!
Buzz CliffordBaby Sittin' Boogie
Tammy Wynnette and George JonesGod's Gonna Getcha For ThatGeorge & Tammy & Tina
James Brown and the Famous FlamesThat Dood ItPlease, Please, Please
James Brown and the Famous FlamesBeggin,g BeggingPlease, Please, Please
Aaron NevilleBo Diddley
Mask Man and the AgentsStand Up pt.1
Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraThe World is GoneThe In-Kraut: Hip-shaking Grooves from Germany
Swamp DoggGod Bless America For What?Rat On
Syl JohnsonConcrete ReservationThe Complete Mythology
Billy BraggMilkman of Human KindnessBack to Basics
PoguesDirty Old Town
Billy BraggThe World Turned Upside DownBack to Basics
Lucy DacusI Don't Want to Be Funny Anymore

Back to Basics British Breakfast

The British Breakfast - Jan. 28, 2017
Music Pop Rock

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Today’s playlist featuring new releases by The Eskimo Chain Cate Le Bon Ray Davies The Cherry Wave and Shredd and lost classics like this British Invasion thingie.

Matchbox Run much faster SinglePolydor1969
Deep PurpleMaybe I'm a LeoMachneheadPurple1972
The Blue Chips You're Good To MeSinglePYE1965
The OutlawsSwingin LowSingleHis masters voice1961
The Stone Roses I Wanna Be AdoredThe Stone RosesSilvertone1989
The Cherry WaveCrashingShimaruSelf ReleasedNewNew
Sundara KarmaLovebloodYouth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect RCA RecordsNew 2017New
MagazineSweetheart ContractThe correct use of soapVirgin1980
Veronica Falls Bad FeelingVeronica FallsSlumberland Records2011
The HolliesFifi the fleaWould you believeParlophone1966
The Kinks AlcoholEverybody's In Show-BizRCA Victor1972
Ray DaviesPoetryAmericanaRay Davies entertainmentsNew 2017New
The JamA Town Called MaliceThe GiftPolydor Records1982
The magic lanternsshame shameshame shameAtlantic1968
Pussyfoot Good TimesSinglePYE1968
Average White Band Groovin' The Night AwayCut the Cake Atlantic Records 1975
The YardbirdsFor your loveSingleColumbia1965
Vanity FairEarly in the morningEarly in the morningPage One records1969
OUTFITFiremen Don't FlySingleself released2011
The Eskimo ChainSun dataSingleSelf releasedNew
RadioheadLewis My Iron LungXL Recordings1994
Wild BeastsBig CatBoy KingDomino2016
Slow Club Silver MorningOne Day All of This Won't Matter Any MoreMoshi Moshi Records2016
The JunipersHere comes the loonsRed bouquet FairSelf released2016
The FutureheadsMeantimeThe Futureheads679, Sire2004
ShredHideoutEverytuie we meet i want to dieFuzzkill2017 newNew
The Wimple Winch Save My SoulSingle EMI1966
The Jesus and Mary ChainA Taste of CindyPhsycho CandyBlanco y negro1986
Cate Le BonRock the poolEPDrag City2016

Getting Real Factual Music

InterTribal - Jan. 28, 2017
Folk Music Native American Pop Rock

InterTribal On-Air  Produced by Tall Feathers | Hosted by Tall Feathers


New Music:

Radmilla Cody – Ke Hasin – Canyon Records 2016


Mark LangenfeldLakota Sioux PrayerRed Hawk WomanTomahawk Rec2004
Hawk HenriesCompassionKeeping the FireDyer and Henries Prod1999
Mark ThunderwolfAppaloosa FreedomOpen Your HeartAncient Winds Rec2011
Big City Indians ftr WolfsheartVision CircleInto the White Desert SkyG. I. Rec2016
R. Carlos Nakai & Udi Bar-DavidWhirlwind DancingVoyagers Canyon Rec2007
Aaron White and Anthony WakemenReflections of the WorldHand Prints of Our PeopleCanyon Rec 2011
S SundownRemembering KyleSmoke Dance Old StyleRed Bear Prod 2006
Wayne Silas Jr.Can-Am AffairTrueCanyon Rec2012
Sun ShadowsFor the ChildrenJourney to the SunSun Shadows Prod2013
Radmilla CodyA Women's SongKe HasinCanyon Rec2016New
2nd Hour:
Maxine WinstoneThe PeopleThe Meherrin: Chowanoke ProjectTranZform Rec2011
YoughtanundDown & Dirty The Meherrin: Chowanoke ProjectTranZform Rec2011
Annie Humphrey Nightmares and the American DreamsEdge of AmericaMakoche Music2003
Jim BoydMakes Me Proud UnityThunderwolf Rec 2013
Woman of HeartWater SongSisters in SpiritSelf-prod2015
Steven RushingwindRed Beaten PathRed Beaten PathHen House Studios2014
Radmilla CodyThe Four Essential ElementsKe HasinCanyon Rec2016New
Louie GonnieFires of our Ancestors Songs from the Black Cedar HillsCanyon Rec2016New
Connor CheeNavajo Vocable for Piano No. 1The Navajo PianoChee Prod2014New
Annie HumphreyI'll Be ThereEdge of AmericaMakoche Music2003
3rd Hour:
Nahko and Medicine for the People Love Letters to Godsingle releaseself-prod2016/17
Stoney CreekThe ProtectorDedicatedDrum Hop 2015
Young SpiritTime to ShineNitehe Ohci Canyon Rec2014
Prolific TheRapperBlack Snakes (Remix) Electric Pow Wow (A Tribe Called Red)Single Releaseself-prod2017New
Flying Down Thunder and Rise AshenOne NationOne Nation Balanced Rec2011
A Tribe Called Red General Generations A Tribe Called RedCo-Sign Prod 2010
Saul Williams and Black BearThe VirusWe Are the Halluci NationsCo-Sign2016
Annie Humphrey Justice HuntersEdge of AmericaMakoche Music2003
Women of HeartI Come from WomenSisters in Spiritself-prod2015
Jim BoydLive Life Lovin'Bridge Creek Roadself-prod2015
Shelley MorningsongOne by OneLove Medicineself-prod2014
UlaliAll My RelationsA Thousand RoadsWide Blue Sky

Fighting Addiction…

- Jan. 28, 2017

to girls and my Tony Hawk obsession. i’ve had a real struggle not playing more music from the tony hawk games and not playing cheating lying unfaithful gf songs this week, but towlie and some good friends have helped me get over the hump. Call the studio if there is some thing you want to hear, or you just feel like chit chatting


twitter @searchanddestroy

fishbonelyin'ass bitch
wyclef jeanif i were president
madnesson the beat pete
blondiex offender
holeteenage whore
the runnawayscherry bomb
the pshychedelic furspretty in pink
cakei will survive
joan jetti wanna be your dog
hoobastanknever there
liz phairfuck and run
fiona applecriminal
wednesday 13bad things
david bowietis a pity she was a whore
seventy times 7brand new
chuck berrymaybelline
panic at the discolying is the most fun a girl can have
fugaziwaiting room
the specialslittle bitch
jane's addictionwhores
theory of a deadmanbad girlfriend
the jim carrol bandpeople who died
buzzcockswhat do i get
group xtoo many guys
black flagslip it in
minor threatsalad days


- Jan. 27, 2017
Love and RocketsBound For HellLove and Rockets
The Jesus and Mary ChainNever UnderstoodMunki
Lloyd Cole & the CommotionsLost Weekend1984-1989
Hoodoo GurusHeart of DarknessBlow Your Cool
Depeche ModeFlexibleCatching Up With Depeche Mode
New OrderMorning Night and DayWaiting For the Sirens' Call
ErasureHallowed GroundThe Innocents
Flesh For LuluDay OnePlastic Fantastic
The CureThe SnakepitKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
The Smiths Heaven Knows I'm Miserable NowHatful of Hollow
The HousemartinsHappy HourLondon 0 Hull 4
Aztec CameraStrayStray
Julian CopeAs the Beer Flows Over MePsychedelic Revolution
Close LobstersFrom This Day OnFirestation Towers: 1986-1989
The Gun ClubShe's Like Heroin To MeFire Of Love
The Wedding PresentMy Favourite DressGeorge Best Plus
Scruffy the CatHappyness To Go! Time Never Forgets - The Anthology
Guadalcanal DiaryLet The Big Wheel Roll2X4
The ReplacementsHere Comes A RegularAll For Nothing/Nothing For All
Husker DuThe Girl Who Lives On Heaven HillNew Day Rising
Game TheoryChardonnayLolita Nation
PixiesCactusSurfer Rosa
Dinosaur Jr.Feel the PainWithout A Sound
Sonic YouthSkip TracerWashing Machine
Sisters of MercyNine While NineFirst, Last, and Always
RamonesMy Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)Weird Tales of the Ramones
Faith No MoreChinese ArithmeticIntroduce Yourself
Happy MondaysFast Lady WrestlersBummed

What the Fontaine?!: R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore (1/27/17)

What the Fontaine?! - Jan. 27, 2017
Blues Electronica Funk Industrial Jazz Local Music Metal Music New Wave Punk Rock Soul

What the Fontaine?!: You never know what you’ll hear next on this fun mix of tunes from across the decades and musical genres.”

So sad. We lost Mary Tyler Moore this week. Lots of women from the 70s saying she was an inspiration to them in their careers. And she made that movie in Richmond’s Fan District in the 80s! I’ll play Husker Du’s version of her TV theme song. Some School House Rock covers. And lots more. Tune in tonight 9-11pmEST.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/WhatTheFontaine
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Richmond-VA/What-the-Fontaine-on-WRIR-973-FM/273679064155
AIM: WhatTheFontaine Phone: 804.649.9737
CLICK HERE for tonight’s podcast.
More playlists/podcasts: http://www.wrir.org/author/fontaine

Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

My Disco – Rivers
Gang of Four – Not Great Men  (request)

Wailin Storms – Down in South Texas
Prong – Lundon Dungeon  [Misfits cover]
Germs – Lexicon Devil
That Dog – We Must Bleed  [Germs cover]

Deluxx Folk Implosion – I’m Just a Bill  [School House Rock cover]
King Missile – Detachable Penis
Nirvana – Love Buzz
Vandals – Ladykiller

Husker Du – Love Is All Around  [Mary Tyler Moore TV theme song]
Goodness – Electricity, Electricity  [School House Rock cover]
Monkees – Mary, Mary

L7 – Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra

Husker Du – Makes No Sense At All
Moby – Verb: That’s What’s Happening  [School House Rock cover]
Fear – New York’s Alright  If You Like Saxophones
Steroid Maximus (aka Foetus) – Quilombo!

The Kinks – I Gotta Move
The Fratellis – Henrietta
Doo Rag – Mop Down
Electric Six – It’s Showtime!

Better Than Ezra – Conjunction Junction  [School House Rock cover]
Peggy Lee – I’m a Woman
Blind Melon – Three Is a Magic Number  [School House Rock cover]

Clutch – 10001110101
Ween – Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Dread Zeppelin – Heartbreaker (At the End of Lonely Street)

Lemonheads – My Hero, Zero  [School House Rock cover]
Adolescents – Amoeba
Skee-Lo – The Tale of Mr. Morton  [School House Rock cover]


Time Is Tight January 27, 2017: OPIN LIVE!

Time Is Tight - Jan. 27, 2017
Music Pop Punk Rock
Booker T. & the MG'sTime Is TightStax
Hüsker Dü Makes No Sense At AllFlip Your WigSST
The DamnedNeat Neat NeatStiff
Generation XWild Youth
Nerf HerderVan Halen
Camp HowardAnybodyCamp HowardCrystal Pistol/Bad Grrrl/Citrus City2016New
Pete CurryToo FarNight LogicCrystal Pistol2016New
Pete CurrySpeed of LightAdvice on LoveCrystal Pistol2015
The WimpsFinaleThe WimpsBad Grrrl2016
Chuck BerryAlmost GrownChess
ChristiGet You Off (My Mind)Christi2014
Amy RigbyDon't Ever ChangeTil the Wheels Fall Off
Yo La TengoSpeeding MotorcycleFakebook
Wreckless EricSysco TrucksamERICaFire
Ronnie Spector & the E-Street BandSay Goodbye to Hollywood
Dorthia CottrellMothDorthia CottrellForcefield2015
Joe JacksonIt's Different for GirlsI'm the ManA&M1979
Blush FaceCitronella Cinderella (live)Live on the Monday Breakfast Blend2016
Dorthia CottrellMaybe It's TrueDorthia CottrellForcefield2015
T. RexRide a White SwanFly1970
OpinLift Canal (live)
OpinDiamond Edition (live)
OpinFlee (live)
OpinGet Home (live)
Venus GuytrapHuman Spine Library (live)
Jonathan Richman & the Modern LoversThe Morning of Our LivesBeserkley1977

Friday Clock Out with Jon

Friday Clock Out - Jan. 27, 2017
Local Music Music Rock

Tonight I’ll be filling in for Phil during “Friday Clock Out” from 5-7 pm on WRIR.org, 97.3 fm Richmond.

This week’s theme: songs!

Husker DuLove Is All AroundEight Miles High (single)New
The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionFlavor Part 1Experimental RemixesNew
The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionFlavor Part 2Experimental RemixesNew
De La Soul f. Biz MarkieBuhloone Mind StateStone AgeNew
Ultramagnetic MC'sTwo Brothers with Checks (San Francisco Harvey)The Four HorsemenNew
Laura StevensonRunnerRunner (single)New
Yeah Yeah YeahsMysteriesShow Your BonesNew
Letters to CleoRim ShakAurora Gory AliceNew
Dread ZeppelinHeartbreaker (At the End Of Lonely Street)Un-Led-EdNew
The Geraldine FibbersCalifornia TuffyButchNew
Bettie ServeertGeekDust BunniesNew
The Afghan WhigsIf There's A Hell Below (We're All Gonna Go)Live At Howlin' WolfNew
Billy Bragg & WilcoAll You FascistsMermaid Ave., Vol. 2New
CornershopButter The SoulWhen I Was Born For The 7th Time
Bob MouldDoublefaceEgoverride (single)New
Mulit-Family Garage SaleLand Of The LoopsBundle Of JoyNew
PavementBest Friend's ArmWowee ZoweeNew
Guided By VoicesMotor AwayAlien LanesNew
Get In The CarEschatonGet In The CarNew
Sleater-KinneyThe FoxThe WoodsNew
The Human BeinzNobody But MeNobody But MeNew
ChavezTop Pocket ManBetter Days Will Haunt YouNew
SolexComely RowLow Kick And Hard BopNew
SilkwormTreat The New Guy RightLifestyleNew
SolexOh Blimey!Pick UpNew
Book Of LoveBoy (DJ Irene Rockstar Mix)Future RetroNew
The WhigsTechnologyGive 'Em All A Big Fat Lip
The Wedding PresentBox ElderBizarro
The House Of LoveIn A RoomHouse Of Love
MorphineEleven O'ClockLike Swimming
MekonsFlitcraftFear And Whiskey
The BreedersHufferTitle TK

POP Goes The Way Back Machine

POP Goes The World! - Jan. 27, 2017
Electronica Local Music Music New Wave Pop Power Pop Punk Rock World

Love & RocketsNo New Tale To TellEarth, Sun, and Moon1987
The Jesus and Mary ChainHappy When It RainsDarklands1987
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsMy BagMainstream1987
The Hoodoo GurusWhat's My SceneBlow Your Cool1987
Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down AgainMusic For The Masses1987
New OrderTouched By The Hand Of God1987
ErasureVictim Of LoveThe Circus1987
Flesh For LuluI Go CrazyLong Live The New Flesh1987
The CureThe Perfect GirlKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me1987
The SmithsStop Me If You Think You've Heard This One BeforeStrangeways, Here We Come1987
The HousemartinsThe People Who Grinned Themselves To DeathThe People Who Grinned Themselves To Death1987
Aztec CameraSomewhere In My HeartLove1987
Julian CopeTrampoleneSaint Julian1987
Close LobstersIn Spite Of These TimesFoxheads Stalk Thios Land1987
The BatsNorth By NorthDaddy's Highway1987
The Gun ClubBill BaileyMother Juno1987
The Wedding PresentGetting Nowhere FastGeorge Best1987
Scruffy The CatTiny DaysTiny Days1987
Guadalcanal DiaryAnd Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cover)2X41987
The ReplacementsAlex ChiltonPlesed To Meet Me1987
Hüsker DüCould You Be The OneWarehouse: Songs and Stories1987
The DownsidersAnother Horns Cry The Downsiders1987
Game TheoryThe Waist and The KneesLolita Nation1987
PixiesVamos (pilgrim)Come On Pilgrim1987
Dinosaur Jr.Little Fury ThingsYou're Living All Over Me1987
Sonic YouthSchizophreniaSister1987
Sisters Of MercyThis CorrosionFloodland1987
The RamonesI Wanna LiveHalfway To Sanity1987
Faith No MoreFaster DiscoIntroduce Yourself1987
Happy Mondays24 Hour Party PeopleSquirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)1987
Men Without HatsPop Goes The WorldPop Goes The World1987

FBB…Eight before Eight is back!

Friday Breakfast Blend - Jan. 27, 2017
... and a whole lot more! Americana Bluegrass Blues Cajun Classical Country Dance Electronica Folk Funk Hip Hop House Jazz Local Music Music New Wave Pop Power Pop Progressive Rock Psychedelia Punk Rock Soul World Zydeco
Atomic Rooster Devil's AnswerLose Your Mind
Babyshambles `There She GoesShotter's Nation
The Black Marble SelectionGarden of Delightssingle16
Richard SwiftThe Original ThoughtThe Atlantic Ocean
DumptruckBack Where I BelongPositively Dumptruck
Nicole Willis & the Soul InvestigatorsBreak Free
The ShinsKissing the LiplessChutes too Narrow
Mose AllisonI Don't Want MuchFoolkiller16
Atomic RoosterI Can't Take No MoreThe First Ten Explosive Years
Peter DohertyKolly KibberHamburg Demonstration16
Richard SwiftZombie BoogieWalt Wolfman
DumptruckHung Out on a Linefor the country
Nicole Willis & the Soul InvestigatorsInvisible ManKeep Reachin' Up
James MercerJourney Through the Past180 degrees South soundtrack
The Black Marble SelectionModified Madnesssingle
Mose AllisonEver Since the World EndedEver Since the World Ended
DumptruckGoing Nowherefor the country
The Black Marble SelectionNo Better PlaceUnder Her Spell
Richard SwiftLooking Back, I Should I Have Been MoreTheNovelist
Broken BellsVaporizeBroken Bells
Nicole Willis & the Soul InvestigatorsYou Better Changesingle
Atomic RoosterDon't Lose Your MindBest of...
Mose AllisonIt Didn't Turn Out That WayFoolkiller
The ShinsThe Rifle's SpiralPort of Morrow
The Black Marble SelectionTook My TimeUnder Her Spell
Richard SwiftKisses for the MissesDressed Up for the Letdown
Nicole Willis & the Soul InvestigatorsTime to Get Business StraightTortured Soul
DumptruckCarcassd is for Dumptruck
Atomic RoosterTomorrow NightDeath Walks Behind You
Mose AllisonYour Molecular StructureYour Mind is on Vacation
The LibertinesAnthems for Doomed YouthAnthems for Doomed Youth16

Zodiac Audio Almanac Episode #31: !!!Special Aquarius Guest!!!//Chill Orchards//Full Vessels

- Jan. 27, 2017

Tonight on The Almanac:

I invite my good friend Shaina to the airwaves to talk all things Aquarius, featuring a killer Bollywood Disco set curated by them, and a softly, amiably combative interview.

Also, we wander through chill Aquarian orchards, gathering fruit along the way.

Miss anything? Want to listen again?

You can catch the show archived for 2 weeks on wrir.org


Archived forevrrr and evrrr at mixcloud.com/morganniles

Catch ya in the stars, babes.

Roberta FlackCompared To WhatFirst Take1969
Nina SimoneBaltimoreBaltimore1978
Carole KingWay Over YonderTapestry1971
Claudine LongetRemember The GoodLet's Spend The Night Together1972
Salma AghaCome CloserKasam Paida Karnewala Ki1984
Salma AghaSote Sote Aadhi RaatSiskeyan1983
Parvati KhanJimmy Jimmy AajaDisco Dancer1982
Usha UthupAuva Auva Koi Yahan NacheKasam Paida Karnewala Ki1984
Nazia & Zoheb HassanTonite Pyar KaroDilwalla1986
Salma AghaJeena Bhi Kya Hai JeenaDisco Dancer1982
TomppabeatsOrange JuiceOldies and Throwaways2016New
MF DOOMPlumskinzzzMetal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs, The Box Set Vol. 0-92006
April MarchLaisser Tomber Les FillesChick Habitbonus!1995

Red Suns Radio w/Jeremy 1/26/16 Beware the Midnight Creeper

Red Suns Radio - Jan. 26, 2017
Metal Music Progressive Rock Psychedelia Rock

NovadriverBury Me AliveDeeper High2005
1000modsGroundhog DayReapeated Exposure To...2016
Fu ManchuSupershooterIn Search Of...1996
SomavayoOblivionSoul Invictus2007
The ObsessedFreedomThe Obsessed1990
DozerOmega GloryThrough the Eyes of Heathens2005
Uncle Acid and the DeadbeatsPusher ManThe Night Creeper2015
Eagles of Death MetalMidnight CreeperPeace, Love, Death Metal2004
Blood CeremonyThe MagicianThe Eldritch Dark2013
Karma to BurnJimmy DV2011
Stone CreamBroken BoneSlaves of Doom2017
DownNothing in ReturnDown III: Over the Under2007
RideMoonlight MedicineCarnival of Light1994
ClutchGhostBlast Tyrant2004
Brant Bjork and the BrosThe Native TongueSomera Sol2007
Planet of ZeusThe Ballad of Boston GeorgeMacho Libre2011
LowriderUpon the DuneNebula/Lowrider Split E.P. 1999
My Sleeping KarmaPsilocybeSoma2012

Activate! January 26 – February 2

Activate! - Jan. 26, 2017
Americana Electronica Hip Hop Local Music Music Pop Rock World

Band / Song Title / Album – Venue, Date, Time (Lineup)

Thoughts On Standby / Walked Into The Ocean and Never Stopped / single – Crossroads, Jan. 27 @ 7:30pm

Devil Makes Three / Champagne And Reefer / Redemption & Ruin – Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, Jan. 29 @ 7pm (w/ Lost Dog Street Band)

Rhett Miller / Love Grows / The Dreamer – The Tin Pan, Feb. 2 @ 7pm

The Plate Scrapers / Volkswagen Breakdown / Contact – Cary Street Cafe, Jan. 27 @ 10pm

Oh, Jeremiah / Sinking Ship / The Other End of Passing Time – The Camel, Feb. 2 @ 8pm (w/ McKinley Dixon, Dharma Bombs)

Eric Krasno Band / Waiting On Your Love / Blood From a Stone – The Broadberry, Feb. 2 @ 8pm (w/ Marcus King Band)

Reed Mathis and Electric Beethoven / Rebirth / Beathoven – The Broadberry, Feb. 1 @ 8pm

Zooanzoo / Alcohol / single – Strange Matter, Jan. 31 @ 8pm (w/ Dazeases, backwards Haus, Afrocat, Heja Rames, Yoki, Alfred)

Dizzyride / Metallic Touch / Dizzyride – Gallery 5, Jan. 29 @ 7pm (w/ Sha Shakusky, YaYa, Lokomoko)
Lokomoko / I Came As A Friend / single

Dream Wave / Missing Home / Missing Home – Strange Matter, Jan. 27 @ 8pm (w/ Blush Face, Antiphons)
Antiphons / Jon & Kelly / Groan

Colin Phils / I Think Your Name is a Good One / ersomsa – The Camel, Jan. 31 @ 8pm (w/ Vanilla Summit, Colin Phils, Larusso)

Night Idea / Wild / Breathing Cold – Hardywood, Jan. 28 @ 5pm (w/ Opin, Thumper, The Bronzed Chorus)
The Bronzed Chorus / Don’t Go To That Pool Party / Summering

Joan of Arc / Night Life Style / Life Like – Strange Matter, Jan. 30 @ 8pm (w/ Various Eggs, Magas)

One Friend / Veritas Splendor / Marquees – Strange Matter, Feb. 2 @ 8pm (w/ Aspidistra, Buddy List, New Star)

Toxic Moxie / 86 Tomorrow / VHS Box Set – A Farewell to OUR House / The Camel, Jan. 28 @ 8pm (w/ Imaginary Sons, Headless Mantis)
Imaginary Sons / Small Talk Headlock / Don’t Impress Me

A Woman is a Woman / The Ravenous / single – The Camel, Jan. 30 @ 7pm (w/ Midnight Affiliate, Venus Guytrap)
Venus Guytrap / 34 / Live on WRIR

DJP and MrT / I Got This / Won’t Be Tamed – Hardywood, Jan. 27 @ 5pm (w/ Dave Watkins, Grass Panther)
Grass Panther / Your Mission / Vignette

Truckfighters / Mind Control / Universe – Strange Matter, Feb. 1 @ 8pm (w/ Kings Destroy, Stone Woman, Gritter)
Kings Destroy / Mr. O / Kings Destroy

Alter / Walls / Embers – 25 Watt, Feb. 2 @ 8:30pm (w/ Eyelet, Samarra)

Toke / Within The Sinister Void / Orange – 25 Watt, Jan. 28 @ 8pm (w/ Aneurysm, Goya, Mangalitsa, Forest of Legend)
Goya / Last / The Enemy

Hoboknife / Bleakest Reprimand / Vagrants – Bandito’s, Jan. 29 @ 9pm (w/ Reaches, Buck Gooter)

Nick Millevoi Desertion Trio / Desertion and the Arsonist’s Match / Desertion – The Camel, Jan. 29 @ 7pm (w/ Scott Clark 6tet)

Even more shows (by date):

The New Stew: Featuring Corey Glover and Roosevelt Collier – Capital Ale House, Jan. 27 @ 7pm

Marc Broussard – The Tin Pan, Jan. 27 @ 7pm (w/ Jamie McLean Band)

The Broken Commandments – Ashland Coffee & Tea, Jan. 27 @ 8pm (w/ Southbound Hounds)

Runaway Gin, A Tribute to Phish – The Camel, Jan. 27 @ 9:30pm

Southpaw Battle Coalition presents “Baptism by Fire” – Strange Matter, Jan. 28 @ 3pm (w/ Team Blitz vs. Team Mick Murda. Radio Blitz, [Hidden Character], Breeze the Poet, Blood Code, Cane, Henny Lo, Ray Manley, Blake Winters, J Morr, Mick Murda, Trill Nik, Ciroc O’Trauma, I Got Bars, Vito Cognac, Awthenticc)

The K.O.D.E Reunion – Beacon theatre, Jan. 28 @ 6:30pm (w/ Audiovault)

Janet Martin – The Tin Pan, Jan. 28 @ 7pm

Yosvany Terry and the Afro-Cuban Sextet – U of R, Jan. 28 @ 7:30pm

Matthew O’Donnell – Crossroads, Jan. 28 @ 7:30pm

Anne Akiko Meyers – Singleton Center, Jan. 28 @ 8pm

The Big Guys – Ashland Coffee & Tea, Jan. 28 @ 8pm

Kodak Black – The National, Jan. 28 @ 8pm

Emo Night Brooklyn – Canal Club, jan. 28 @ 9pm (w/ Conditions, Kept At Bay, Underdog Champs, Inquiry, She’s A Legend)

Dalton Dash – Cary Street Cafe, Jan. 28 @ 10pm (w/ South Hill Banks)

Aerica Lauren – Crossroads, Jan. 29 @ 5:30pm

Shawn Mullins – The Tin Pan, Jan. 29 @ 5:30pm (w/ Rick Brantley)

Leech – Strange Matter, Jan. 29 @ 8pm (w/ Grace Street Players, Andrew Bayne)

My Way – The Camel, Feb. 1 @ 8pm (w/ Luminous Being, Urban Sloth, Lucid Traveler)

Red Light Rodeo – Cary Street Cafe, Feb. 1 @ 10pm

Aaron Lebos Reality – Cary Street Cafe, Feb. 2 @ 10pm


The Commonwealth of Notions – January 26th, 2017

Commonwealth of Notions - Jan. 26, 2017
Americana Local Music Music Pop Rock World
AntiphonsRotten ApplesGroanCitrus City2017New
Julien BakerSomethingSprained Ankle6131 Records/Matador Records2015/2017
White LacesSleepyNo FloorEgghunt Records2016New
Portland Cello ProjectTallymarks (feat. Thao)The Thao & Justin Power SessionsKill Rock Stars2009
David ShultzThe FlawsDavid ShultzTriple Stamp Records2005
Saw BlackRosie's Comin' HomeAzalea DaysCrystal Pistol Records2017New
Hannah GoadScraps and RindsKindsDIY2016
Angelica GarciaThe Devil Can Get InMedicine For BirdsWarner Brothers2016
Pete CurryDon't Ask MeAdvice On LoveCrystal Pistol Records2015
Ashes WoodgrainMyBadYerGoodCrystal Pistol Records2016New
Young ScumOut Of StateZonaCitrus City Records2016
Lance Bangs#1 Single Released On 4/20Lance MountainCitrus City/Danger Collective2016
Camp HowardShe Doesn't MindCamp HowardBad Grrrl/Citrus City/Crystal Pistol2016
Cubscout and The RhinocerosI Never Thought We'd Know Each OtherGreetings From Holly Street ParkDIY2009
AnoushehGet To YouGet To You SingleDIY2016
Dead FameMy Body, My FoolVicious DesignDIY2014
WarpaintNew SongHeads UpRough Trade2016
PhotosynthesizersCrushSpeakers In Black HolesDIY2011
SundialsNew York CrunchWhen I Couldn't BreatheAsian Man Records2012
Broken Social SceneFire Eye'd BoyBroken Social SceneArts + Crafts2005
Atta GirlEva HesseF*** The SunBad Grrrl Records2016
Brand NewArchersThe Devil and God Are Raging Inside MeInterscope2006
Naked PicturesStraight OutNUDES EPDIY2016
FlechetteMuted CrownFlechetteDIY2011
Plain ScrapSpacejamPlain ScrapBad Grrrl Records2015
Sea of StormsBelly Full of BonesDead WeightSelf Aware2015
The TrillionsYou Gotta Be Kidding MeTritonesDIY2011

Galaxy Girl – Rogue Blend – 20170126

Breakfast Blend w/ Galaxy Girl & Friends - Jan. 26, 2017
Electronica Experimental Local Music Music Pop Psychedelia Punk Rock World

Last night, my dear listeners, I put my music editing skills to the test in order to prepare a RADIO FRIENDLY version of Rage Against The Machine’s 1992 song “Killing In The Name” in honor of the @rogueNASA, @AltNatParkSer, @AltUSEPA, @Alt_CDC, @ungaggedEPA, @AltHHS, @alt_fda, @altusda, and @AltForestServ Twitter accounts that popped up in resistance to government censorship. Tune in tomorrow to see if it turns out better than the crappy cut-off edits I found on YouTube.

Playlist via Spinitron


The Church of the Ecstatic – 1/25/17 – I will not be silent

The Church of the Ecstatic - Jan. 26, 2017
Dance Electronica Experimental Folk House IDM Industrial Metal Music New Wave Pop Psychedelia Punk Rock World

If you have feelings about current issues, here’s some resources for you:

ACLU of VA – Mobile Justice app, other resources
Countable– an app that gives updates and links to your Representatives
5 Calls – Representatives you can call, with scripts
How to Fight Fascism – some good tips for activism (but with some swearing) –  good tips on how to work from the bottom up for change in general.

-- Killing JokeDeath and Resurrection ShowKilling Joke
Gorillaz feat. Benjamin ClementineHallelujah Money2017New
PigfaceChickasawThe Best of Pigface
The KnifeHangin' OutDeep Cuts
Dead KennedysNazi Punks Fuck Off
S.J. TuckerGo Away GodboySirens
-- LovageLies and AlibisLovage: Music to make love to your old lady by
Tau CrossThe LieTau Cross
SurgeonWatching YouChemical Reign
Vegan Black Metal ChefVBMC Epic Vlog Ep 2 - Dim Sum Feast https://youtu.be/Sxh1y_6XTvM
--Elevatorstuck/Hate You
PigfaceYour Own you OwnNotes from Thee Underground
Killing JokeWar on FreedomPylon
Noam ChomskyWars On Terror, Old And New-And Orwellian Doublespeak The Emerging Framework of World Power
--Fuschia Ruler
The KnifeThe CopDeep Cuts
GorillazDirty HarryDemon Days2004
Nine Inch NailsCapital GYear Zero
VNV NationNemesisJudgement
Youth CodeThe Dust of Fallen RomeCommitment to Complications
Siouxsie and the BansheesHelter Skelter - Live at the Royal Albert HallNocturne
PigfaceCutting FaceThe Best of Pigface
Seeker DailyWhat is Fascism?https://youtu.be/aUcYU95kCAI
TonettaIt's All Bullshithttps://youtu.be/xNGFSCEXMc0
Nine Inch NailsDear World, / Idea of YouNot the Actual Events2016New
-- Killing JokeAbsolute DissentAbsolute Dissent
DevoWhat I Must Do/ Watch Us Work ItOh No! It's Devo/ Something for Everybody (Deluxe)1982/2010

Altered Circuitry 1/15/17

Altered Circuitry - Jan. 25, 2017
Electronica Experimental House IDM Music

PsilogodThe Second GateExquisite Landscapes
PsilogodDigital DemonsExquisite Landscapes
Lilacs & ChampagneEverywhere, EveryoneLilacs & Champagne
The Gaslamp KillerVeinsBreakthrough
Lilacs & ChampagneHamburgers & TangerinesDanish In Blue
Apollo 440Electro Glide In BlueElectro Glide In Blue
Mr. ScruffSea Mammal Mrs. Cruff
The ProdigyCharly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Version)Experience
The Chemical BrothersHoopsCome With Us
Fatboy SlimBuild It Up - Tear It DownYou've Come A Long Way Baby
The Crystal MethodBlow OutTweekend
OrbitalYou LotBlue Album
LCD SoundsystemOne TouchThis Is Happening
Luke VibertArgument FlyChicago,Detroit,Redruth
Mr. ScruffDo You Hear?Keep It Unreal
ShpongleHow The Jellyfish Jumped Up The MountainMuseum of Consciousness

Mercury Falls ~ 1.25.17

Mercury Falls - Jan. 25, 2017
Avant-Garde Classical Electronica Experimental Music Psychedelia

Alessandro Cortini

The Mercury Falls video of the week is here!

Alessandro CortiniEstSpieMake Noise Records2016New
BlurDeath of a PartyMidlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur Parlophone2009
ChasmsBetween the EyesLegs Of Love Purified Felte2016New
DovesRepriseLost SoulsAstralwerks2000
Fovea HexThe Undone MotherThe Salt Garden 1Headphone Dust2016New
RaimeCoaxToothBlackest Ever Black2016New
TrentemollerOne Eye Open (Trentemoller remix)One Eye OpenFixion2016New
ReconditeHuibuCorvusGhostly International2016New
Siouxsie and the BansheesCascadeA Kiss in the DreamhousePolydor2009
MoscomanGirls Down SouthDévoué EP Renate Schallplatten2015
Soft KillWake UpChokeProfound Lore Records2016New
Kane IkinPacket LossSensory MemoryEchovolt Records2016New
RaimeStammerToothBlackest Ever Black2016New
Svarte GreinerThe MarbleMoss GardenMiasmah2016New
Nicolas JaarThree Sides of NazarethSirensOther People2016New
Holy F*ckChimes BrokenCongratsLast Gang Records2016New

Breakfast Snob 1-25-2017: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream (at your TV)

The Breakfast Snob - Jan. 25, 2017
Avant-Garde Blues Electronica Experimental Folk Funk Music Progressive Rock Psychedelia Punk Rock Soul World
CanVitamin CEge BamyasiUA1972
Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells (pt. One)Five Miles OutVirgin 1982
HawkwindWe Took a Wrong Turn Years AgoIn Search of SpaceUA1971
Cary GraceWindsongTygerlandDoor 132016
Some dudes from YesThemesAnderson, Bruford, Wakeman and HoweArista1989
CanBel AirFuture DaysUA1973
Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithExistence in the Unfurling EarsBandcamp2016
Arto LindsayTwinsSaltRighteous Babe2004

dog germs 1/24/17 edition

Dog Germs / Happy House - Jan. 24, 2017
Electronica Industrial Metal Music New Wave Punk
skinny puppydig itthe singles collectnettwerk1999
cold cavethe trees grew emotions and diedlove comes closematador2009
youth code'destroy' said, she/rest in pissan overturedais2014
vampyre anvilthis way outtetsuocracknation/glitch mode2016New
combichristsent to destroyfrost ep: sent to destroymetropolis2008
worms of the earthgnarled roots suspend the ruined templesitra achraindustry 82015
xuberxhollowintelligent demiseradio active music2008
uranium 235stimulationcultural minorityspv1998
gary numanhauntedjaggedmetropolis2006
the legendary pink dotsa velvet resurrection (version)canta mientras puedas: an anthology of the years '90 to '95play it again sam1996
dave brubeckbossa nova u.s.a.dave brubeck's greatest hitscolumbia1966
2pacniggaz nature (remix)until the end of timeamaru entertainment2001
joe henrytime is a lionciviliansanti-2007
big stickcause when the night comesdrag racing undergroundalbertine1991
electric sixkukuxumushui shall exterminate everything around me that restricts me from being the mastermetropolis2007
black rebel motorcycle clubcold windbaby 81rca2007
the gaslight anthemhigh lonesomethe '59 soundsideonedummy2008
xwe're having much more funmore fun in the new worldelektra1983
ruidowilsonaudio terrorism: the soundtrack for weirdness and blind hostilityc.n.p.1998
hallelujah!shizzzow2006: the year of the cockroachc.n.p.2006
abcessthe eternal pyrehorrorhammertyrant syndicate2007
faith no more & boo-yaa t.r.i.b.e.another body murdered (remix)another body murderedimmortal1993
white liondon't give upprideatlantic1987
stuttering johni'll talk my way out of itairheadsfox1994

Setlist for Prog Meets Garage Meets Nashville Pop on Over the Edge of the Pop Narcotic: 1/24/17

Over the Edge of the Pop Narcotic - Jan. 24, 2017
Americana Avant-Garde Bluegrass Blues Cajun Classical Country Dance Drum & Bass Electronica Experimental Folk Funk Hip Hop House IDM Industrial Jazz Local Music Metal Music Native American New Wave Pop Progressive Rock Psychedelia Punk Rock Soul World Zydeco

Here’s your cussing playlist:

Artist / Song Title / Album /

Set 1

Pink Floyd / The Great Gig In The Sky / Dark Side Of The Moon /
Lætitia Sadier / Between Earth & Heaven / Silencio /
Nara Leão / Samba De Ima Nota S / Des Anos Depois /
Miramar / En Mis Sueños / Dedication To Sylvia Rexach /
R.E.M. / New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 / Automatic For The People /

Set 2

The Microphones / Karl Blau / It Was Hot We, Stayed In The Water /
The Microphones / I Felt Your Shape / The Glow Pt. 2 /
Devendra Banhart / Good Time Charlie / Ape In Pink Marble /
Animal Collective / Leaf House / Sung Tongs /
Fangool / Mariama / Senegal 70 – Sonic Gems & Previously Unreleased Recordings From The 70’s /
The Move / Skophom / Next Stop… Soweto (Volume 2). Soultown. R&B, Funk & Psyc Sounds From The Townships 1969-1976 /

Set 3

Los Cheyenes / Conoces El Final / Los Nuggetz – 60’s Punk, Pop And Psychedelic From Latin America /
Los Shains / Sahins A Go Go / Los Nuggetz – 60’s Punk, Pop And Psychedelic From Latin America /
Beach Slang / Punks In A Disco Bar / A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings /
Miranda Lambert / Ugly Lights / The Weight Of These Wings [Disc 1] /
The Replacements / Kids Don’t Follow / Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best Of The Replacements /
Bobbie Gentry / Benjamin – (Patchwork – 1971) / Patchwork / Fancy /
Henry Mancini / Moon River Cha Cha / Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Music from the Motion Picture) [Remastered] /

Set 4

Victoria Williams / Moon River / Sings Some Ole Songs /
The Replacements / Skyway / Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best Of The Replacements/
Lori McKenna / Giving up on Your Hometown / The Bird & the Rifle /
Kacey Musgraves / Dime Store Cowgirl / Pageant Material /
Treme Brass Band / Grazing in the Grass / New Orleans Brass Bands: Through the Streets of the City /

Set 5

Tacocat / Dana Katherine Scully / Lost Time /
Dear Nora / Give Me Some Of Yr Love / Mountain Rock /
The Replacements / Androgynous / Let It Be /
Big Star / Stroke It Noel (Backwards Intro) / Complete Third /
The Beatles / Getting Better / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band /
XTC / Melt The Guns / English Settlement /
The Microphones / Instrumental / Don’t Wake Me Up /

Set 6

Cherry Glazerr / Trash People / Apocalipstick /
The xx / Replica / I See You /
The Replacements / Within Your Reach / Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?: The Best Of The Replacements /
Elliott Smith / Unknown Song (Instrumental) / Heaven Adores You Soundtrack /

Set 7

Madeleine Peyroux / If The Sea Was Whiskey / Secular Hymns /
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam / Peaceful Morning / I Had A Dream That You Were Mine /
Lambchop / Flotus / FLOTUS /
Dear Nora / West Nile!! / Mountain Rock /
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein / Hanging Lights / Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) /
Portishead / Mysterons / Dummy /
Laetitia Sadier / Transhumance / Something Shines /


Wide Ear Folk 1/24/17

Wide Ear Folk - Jan. 24, 2017
Americana Bluegrass Country Folk Music

Chris Smither Never Needed It More Train Home
Rayna Gellert River Town Workin’s Too Hard
David Mallett My Old Man For A Lifetime
The Early Mays 07 Dear Companion The Early Mays
Johnny Flynn Where My Father Went A Bag of Hammers (Film Score)
Hurray for the Riff Raff Crash on the Highway Small Town Heroes
Matthew and the Atlas I Will Remain To the North
Kimya Dawson You Love Me Hidden Vagenda
The Black Lillies Goodbye Charlie Runaway Freeway Blues
Michael Chapman 02 Sometimes You Just Drive 50
Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors You Will Always Be My Girl Medicine
Jackson C. Frank Kimbie Jackson C. Frank
Johnny Flynn Bikes A Bag of Hammers (Film Score)
Rayna Gellert Oh Lovin’ Babe Workin’s Too Hard
Bombadil Not Those Kind of People Not Those Kind of People
Paul Thorn Small Town Talk What The Hell Is Goin’ On
Ry Cooder Trouble, You Can’t Fool Me Bop Till You Drop
Matthew and the Atlas The Waves Kingdom Of Your Own Ep
Bruce Cockburn One Day I Walk High Winds, White Sky
Gordon Bok Hang on, John Peter Kagan and the Wind
Michael Chapman 06 Falling from Grace 50
Harry Manx Where Fools Die Mantras for Madmen
Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors Ain’t Nobody Got It Easy Medicine
Rayna Gellert I’m Bound for the Promised Land Workin’s Too Hard
Andy Shauf Hometown Hero The Bearer of Bad News
Ron Sexsmith Tell Me Again Blue Boy
Matthew and the Atlas I Followed Fires Kingdom Of Your Own Ep
Paul Brady The Lakes of Pentchartrain Welcome Here Kind Stranger
Sarah Jarosz 04_Everything To Hide Undercurrents
The Tallest Man On Earth Little River Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird
Pete Seeger and Frank Hamilton Singing in the Country Nonesuch and Other Folk Tunes
Civil Defense Spot How Much Time Do We Have (Keep Working) Atomic Platters [Disc 1]
Ron Sexsmith Tomorrow in Her Eyes Retriever


TMBB: SPOKEN WORDS of Resistance

Tuesday Breakfast Blend - Jan. 24, 2017
Dance Electronica Music Pop Punk Rock Soul
Nina Mariah#NastyWomanLive At The State of the World
PriestsUsa (Incantations)Tape Two
Blood OrangeBy OurselvesFreetown Sound
( ง ´◇`)ง
Major Lazer feat Amber of Dirty ProjectorsGet FreeFree the Universe
Thinking ItMicachu and the ShapesGood Sad Happy Bad
Quindon TarverEverybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)Everybody's Free
( ง ´◇`)ง
Gil Scott-HeronThe Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedThe Revolution Begings: Flying Dutchman Masters
TazTrump Won, Now What?
Alicia KeysStill I Rise / SpeechWomen's March
Queen ShebaWe Are the WomenDef Poetry Jam
( ง ´◇`)ง
PollyesterIn My BootsCity of O
Black Box RecorderChild PsychologyEngland Made Me
( ง ´◇`)ง 7:00 AM
Parquet CourtsContent NauseaContent Nausea
Sammy Davis Jr.Don't Blame the ChildrenDon't Blame the Children
Maya AngelouHuman FamilyCaged Bird Songs
Kenya WestWho Will Survive In AmericaMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Maya Angelou And Still I RiseI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
( ง ´◇`)ง
Dinah WashingtonWhat A Difference a Day MakesDinah Washington - The Great American Songbook
Nancy Sinatra and Lee HazelwoodIndian SummerCherry Smiles
The Shangri-LasPast, Present & Future20th Century Master
Johnny CashWhat is TruthThe Legend
( ง ´◇`)ง
The Last PoetsE Pluribus UnumChastisment
Ashia Ajani, Tolu Obiwole, Abby Friesen-Johnson and Alexis Rain VigilFeminism
Tonya Ingram & Venessa MarcoKhaleesi
Tanya DavisEulogy for you and Me
Yoko Ono feat. Portugal the ManSoul Got Out of the Box
( ง ´◇`)ง
Laurie AndersonO SupermanTalk Normal
Gil Scott-HeronHome is Where the Hatred IsThe Revolution Begins


- Jan. 24, 2017

Coming Around the Bend

Time Again Radio Show - Jan. 23, 2017
Americana Country Folk Jazz Music


Carter FamilyThe Storms Are on the Ocean
A.A. Gray & Seven Foot DillyThe Old Ark's A-Moving
Jarvis & JusticePoca River Blues
Snuffy JenkinsCumberland Gap
Texas GladdenThe Little Dappled Cow
Sweet Brothers & Ernest StonemanI've Got a Bulldog
Reverend C.H. SavageRock, Daniel
Red Onion JoeHumming Blues
Big Bill BroonzyHow You Want Your Rollin Done
Muddy WatersI Feel So Glad
Skip James I'm So Glad
Fess Williams & his Royal Flush OrchestraHot Town
Original Dixieland Jazz BandLivery Stable Blues
Luis Russell & His OrchestraNew Call of the Freaks
Django Reinhardt & Stephane GrappelliHoneysuckle Rose
Bill Brown & His BrowniesHot Lips
Louis Jordan, Ella Fitzgerald & The Tympany FiveStone Cold Dead in the Market
Earl McDonald & Clifford's Louisville JugbandWakin' Up Blues
Sara MartinCushion Foot Stomp
Brown BirdBilgewater
Daniel BohlmanLazy John
Tony TrischkaSoddy Daisy
Danny KnicelyMonroe's Hornpipe
Alan Jabbour & Ken PerlmanChapel Hill Serenade/ Green Willis
Any Old Time String BandCalifornia Blues
Any Old Time String BandCowboy Girl
Wayne HendersonWheels
The Kentucky ClodhoppersThe Little Boy Working on the Road
Adam Tanner & the Dirty Rag MobBig Eyed Rabbit
Grayson County DaredevilsYellow Jacket
The Yellow JacketsThe Heel Toe Polka
Narmour & SmithCarroll County Blues #1
Riley Puckett & Ted HawkinsTokio Rag
Peg Leg HowellPlease Ma'am
Miles & Bob PratcherJoe Turner

Introducing…New MIGFS Library Adds Playlist – 1-23-17

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - Jan. 23, 2017
Americana Bluegrass Blues Folk Funk Music Rock Soul
The RevelersLonely WomenThe Revelers Play Swamp Pop ClassicsNew
Robbie FulksNever Come HomeUpland StoriesNew
Norman BlakeThe Wreck On The Western & AtlanticBrushwood: Songs And StoriesNew
Mandolin OrangeLonesome WhistleBlindfaller
Billy Bragg and Joe HenryGentle On My MindShine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad
Dr. DogAbandoned MansionAbandoned MansionNew
Danny and The DarleansSoul On IceBug OutNew
Damien Jurado amd Richard SwiftSincere RepliesOther People's Songs, Vol 1New
John Prine (w/ Lee Ann Womack)Storms Never LastFor Better, Or WorseNew
Rhett Miller (w/ Rachel Yamagata)FirefliesTrue Believer
Josh RitterRight MovesThe Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter
Dharma BombsAbigailLive on WRIR
Afro-Zen AllstarsNetsanetGreatest HitsNew
Kurt VilePretty Pimpin'b'lieve im goin down
Rhett MillerWaterloo SunsetThe Interpreter Live At Largo
Ray DaviesPoetryAmericanaNew
Bobby RushChicken HeadsThe Oxford American Southern Music Edition 2016New
Rolling StonesJust Your FoolBlue and LonesomeNew
Van MorrisonDweller On The ThresholdBeautiful Vision
Lucinda WilliamsI'm CryingFree State of Jones- Soundtrack
Otis Gibbs800 MilesMount RenrawNew
Tift MerrittDusty Old ManLove Soldiers OnNew
Slavic Soul PartyTourist Pont Of ViewPlays Duke Ellington's Far East SuiteNew
Systema Solar10 LaPlataRumbo a TierraNew
Delbert McClintonLike Lovin' Used To BePrick Of The LitterNew
Hurray For The Riff RaffOde To John and YokoHungry Ghost Tour EPNew
Ros Serey SotheaDon't Be AngryDon't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock 'n' RollNew

Louisiana Dance Hall !!!

Louisiana Dance Hall - Jan. 23, 2017
Americana Blues Cajun Funk Jazz Music Soul World Zydeco

DJ Bill here this week! Welcome to this week’s mix of NOLA and Louisiana-centric musicians! Thanks for listening, and please click below for today’s playlist!

New Orleans SuspectsGet It StartedKaleidoscopedLouisiana Red Hot Records2016New
The Neville BrothersRiver of LifeBrother's KeeperA&M1990
Papa Grows FunkShakin'Shakin'Funky Krewe Records/Papa Grows Funk2003
Kermit Ruffins & The Barbecue SwingersTipitina#imsoneworleansBasin Street Records2015
The Iguanas9 Volt HeartPlastic Silver 9 Volt HeartYep Roc Records2003
Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster GentlemenAgent OO FunkPin Your SpinBasin Street Records2004
James Andrews & Crescent City AllstarsKeep that Music Playin'You Shoulda Been There - WWOZ on CD - Fall 2011, Vol. 35Friends of WWOZ, Inc. (not for sale)2011
Papa Grows FunkRight Place Wrong TimeFace The Music - WWOZ on CD - Fall 2013, Vol. 39Friends of WWOZ, Inc. (not for sale)2013
Bobby RushFunk O' De FunkPorcupine MeatRounder2016New
Dirty Bourbon River ShowThe Clams and IImportant Things Humans Should KnowDirty Bourbon River Show2015
Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-RollersSlide and Dip It (party dip mix)Check It Out, Lock It In, Crank It Up!Rounder1998
Roy Carrier Stop Fussing MeRoy Carrier At His BestZane Records1995
Sean Ardoin 'N' ZydeKoolGot My Jelly Workin'Sean Ardoin 'N' ZydeKoolZydeKool Records1999
Jeffery Broussard & The Creole CowboysMy Baby Needs To Come Back HomeKeeping The Tradition Alive!Maison de Soul Records2007
New Orleans NightcrawlersFunky LizaMeet Me At Mardi GrasNew Rounder2012
Irene Sage BandRock MeLive at the LeafIrene Sage/Golgi Publishing2002
Tab BenoitBlues Is A Feelin'Face The Music - WWOZ on CD - Fall 2013, Vol. 39Friends of WWOZ, Inc. (not for sale)2013

Lost Music Saloon: Jan 23, 2017: 5-7 p.m.: New Music!

Lost Music Saloon - Jan. 23, 2017
Americana Blues Country Folk Music

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: Jan 23, 2017: 5-7 p.m.: New Music!

Nikki Lane: Jackpot: Highway Queen
Old 97’s (w/Brandi Carlile): Good With God: Graveyard Whistling
Hurray For the Riff Raff: Hungry Ghost: Hungry Ghost Tour EP
Chuck Prophet: Bad Year For Rock and Roll: Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins

Road Kill Roy: The Prices You Paid: single
Laura Marling: Wild Fire: Wild Fire
Jack Vandervelde: Pick It Up Sometimes: Pick It Up Sometimes
Branches: Sparrow: White Flag Sampler

Jacob Davich: My Father’s Gun: My Father’s Gun
Tift Merritt: Dusty Old Man: Love Soldiers On
Otis Gibbs: Great American Roadside: Mount Renraw
Sam Skinner: Joel: Danny Through Junior

All Our Exes Live in Texas: Devil’s Part: When We Fall
WYLDLIFE: Get Loud: Out On Your Block
Son Volt: Back Against the Wall: Notes of Blue
The Infamous Stringdusters: 1901 – A Canyon Odessey: Laws of Gravity

Ryan Adams: To Be Without You: Prisoner
The Band of Heathens: Green Grass of California: Duende
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings (w/Raul Malo): Highwire: Kings and Kings
Will Kimbrough & Brigitte DeMeyer: Broken Fences: Mockingbird Soul

David Luning: Almost Sounds Like Laughing: Restless
Bonnie Whitmore: Ain’t Waitin’ On Tomorrow: Fuck With Sad Girls
Swampmeat: Right Here: Gin & Tonic
John Craigie: Bucket List Grandmas: No Rain, No Rose

Travis Linville: Wishes: Up Ahead
Terry Buffalo Ware: One Eye Open: Just Love – A Tribute to Audrey Auld Mezera
Jon Dee Graham: Things Might Turn Out Right
Martin X. Petz: Heart & Home: Broken Man

Rebecca Loebe: Bad Things: Blink
Bash & Pop: On the Rocks: Anything Could Happen

Garry, DJ
Lost Music Saloon
WRIR 97.3 FM
Richmond, Virginia


C Slop B Funk

- Jan. 22, 2017

DJ Heavy Styles with grooves for miles tonight

Deep Street SoulOutta the gates
niversal Togetherness Band Ain't Gonna Cry
Universal Togetherness BandCall for Love
T-ConnectionDo Whatcha Wanna Do
Charles BradleyAint Gonna Give You up
Charles BradleyChange For The World
All Good Allianceon-off Boogie

I Like Having You Around

- Jan. 22, 2017

Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band – World War III
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I Can Make You a Man (reprise)
Dean Milan – What Does it Take?
The Ridiculous Trio – I Wanna be Your Dog
Al Caiola – Stiletto
Blue Oyster Cult – Vengeance
Thurl Ravenscroft – Heartaches
Mr. T – Mr. T’s Commandment
Charlie the Hamster – If it wasn’t for Jesus
Lou Reed & John Cale – Forever Changed
The Kinks – Destroyer
Unknown – The Joke
Miguel Angel & Los Sharps – Gloria
Madcats – Woman’s Got the Power
Burt Reynolds – I Like Having You Around
Arch Oboler – A Day at the Dentist’s
Shirley Q Liquor – Planetarium
Burt Reynolds – She’s Taken a Gentle Lover
Bob Dylan – Everything is Broken
Valley High School, Las Vegas – Midnight Blue
Los Apson – Twist Hawaiiano
The Rubber Band – Rubber Jam
Bruce Springsteen – Gloria’s Eyes
Ted Nugent – Turn it Up
Fred Lowery – The Lonesome Road
Johnny Thunders – Diary of a Lover
Bendy Brandon – Power for Your Purpose


If Music Could Talk – Jan 22 2017

If Music Could Talk - Jan. 22, 2017
Music World

Channel One – Ragnapaiza Version
Channel One – Jail House Version
The Revolutionaries – A.N.C.
Harry Mudie and King Tubby – Dub With a Difference
Harry Mudie and King Tubby – Caught You Dubbing
Horace Andy – See A Man’s Face
The Clash – Ghetto Defendant
the Clash – Innoculated City
Husker Du – New Day Rising
Bad Brains – Supertouch/Shitfit
Bad Brains – Destroy Babylon
BAd Brains – F.V.K.
Fishbone – End the Reign
Fishbone – Pouring Rain
Patti Smith – Ask The Angels
The Clash – Clash City Rockers
Minor threat – Think Again
D.O.A. – Nazi Training Camp
D.O.A. – None but The Brave
Prong – Prove you Wrong
Metallica – Jump in the Fire
Black Sabbath – Children of The Grave
Suicidal Tendencies – The Miracle
Jane’s Addiction – Idiots Rule
IAMX – The Stupid The Proud
TOOL – Eulogy
Ministry – Never Believe
Nine Inch Nails – Burning Bright
Dinosaur Jr – Little Fury Things
The Buzzcocks Why She’s a Girl From the Chainstore
Black Flag – Police Story
Scratch Acid – Damned for All Time
Husker Du – Ice Cold Ice
EPMD – SO Watcha Sayin


The Motherland Influence Jan. 22, 2017

The Motherland Influence - Jan. 22, 2017
Music World
Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo (DRC)Hello HelloHello HelloStern's
Alfredo Olivas (Mexico))El PacienteEl PacienteSahuaro2016New
Ismael Miranda, Siete NueveUn Verano en Neuva YorkDe Puerto Rico Para El MundoPopular Inc. 2016New
Grupo Mania (Puerto Rico)Te ViLa MarcaMania Music2016New
Jupiter Okwess (DRC)MusonsuTropospere 13Zamore2016New
Heritier Watanabe (DRC)Cala BocaCarrière d'Honneur - Retirada Vol.2Because Music2016New
Iwan Esseboom (Suriname)Wittie Visie (Original Version)Wittie Visie Gregor Salto RemixG-Rex Music2017New
Nelda Pina y La BOA (Colombia)BOAAnimalNelda Pina y La BOA2015
Afro-Zen Allstars (USA)Cha ChaGreatest HitsAfro-Zen Allstars2017New
Le Super Borgou de Parakou (Benin)Dadon Baou Yo Se Be No. 2The Bariba SoundAnalog Africa
Bunzu Soundz (Ghana)Koole KooleBunzu SoundzMakossa International Records1976
La Makina del Karibe (Colombia)El GiganteChankletazos Teraputicos2012
William Onyeabor (Nigeria)Fantastic ManBox SetLuaka Bop2016New
Idris Ackamoor & The PyramidsTinoge Ya Ta'a Ba Pt 1 & 2Tinoge Ya Ta'a Ba Pt 1 & 22016New
Prestige (Jamaica)They Don't GiveThey Don't Give2017New
Shadow (Trinidad)DreamingSweet Sweet DreamsAnolog Africa2017New
Ever-G (USA)What's Up With The WorldRoots WarriorEVER-GMuzik2016New
Supreme Starlight Band (Ghana)Enowaa AbenaaHighlife Riot with Supreme Starlight BandMakossa International1985
Pat Thomas (Ghana)Asembe NyiHighlife Greats MbrepaJAP Productions
Chief Kofi Sammy & Okukuseku International (Ghana)God Dey Share AmAbirekyiebaTropic Vibe Productions
Alex Konadu's International Band of Ghana (Ghana)Manye YiyePay DayA.K. Brobbey Production
City Boys band (Ghana)Odansi Yie YieOdo Da BaabyRainbow